Keep your Heart and Mind Humble



Have you ever wanted to cuss somebody out because they said something to either put you down or your business down?  But you know deep down you can’t really buck back on them because you have to think about your reputation and your brand.  Those are the mistakes and regrets I made years ago when I found myself going back and forth with a whole bunch of authors and others on social media.  I was in the darkest place of my life and no one knew truly what I was going through.  I made soooo many enemies and even when I show my presence on somebody else’s Facebook page, they would talk about me to that person saying that they shouldn’t deal with me.  It’s ashamed that people will judge you based on actions without trying to get to know you.  What I did was my mistake and I brought it upon myself so yes I took full responsibility.  

But now since years have gone by and I’m getting better by not responding back to foolish people or situations, it has made it stress-free.  Sometimes it’s best that we don’t respond back, but to remain silent.  Even if we have to block certain people from social media or emails just to avoid those distractions, do what you got to do.  Some people would think I’m burning bridges or wrong for blocking people or cutting people off too quick, but for my sanity, I’m only doing what’s best for me!  Everyone handles distractions and negativity differently.  Whatever works for you, be yourself and do you!

Kill them with kindness without totally blowing your reputation or putting your brand on the line.  I am focused on re-branding myself as a person and building up my business.  It’s not easy because of the past people that I used to deal with on social media and I’m afraid that the new people I’m connected to or networking with may backfire.  So all I do is pray and continue to promote my magazine and recruiting new clients for my ads.  I can’t change what happened in the past and although I regret it, I have to live with it and move forward, because if I don’t, I will never be successful!

So remember the next time someone says something or does something that affects you, just remain silent and keep humble.  It’s not even worth the argument!

Just breathe and continue doing what you are doing!



Lil’ Woman on a Mission


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