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Keep your Heart and Mind Humble



Have you ever wanted to cuss somebody out because they said something to either put you down or your business down?  But you know deep down you can’t really buck back on them because you have to think about your reputation and your brand.  Those are the mistakes and regrets I made years ago when I found myself going back and forth with a whole bunch of authors and others on social media.  I was in the darkest place of my life and no one knew truly what I was going through.  I made soooo many enemies and even when I show my presence on somebody else’s Facebook page, they would talk about me to that person saying that they shouldn’t deal with me.  It’s ashamed that people will judge you based on actions without trying to get to know you.  What I did was my mistake and I brought it upon myself so yes I took full responsibility.  

But now since years have gone by and I’m getting better by not responding back to foolish people or situations, it has made it stress-free.  Sometimes it’s best that we don’t respond back, but to remain silent.  Even if we have to block certain people from social media or emails just to avoid those distractions, do what you got to do.  Some people would think I’m burning bridges or wrong for blocking people or cutting people off too quick, but for my sanity, I’m only doing what’s best for me!  Everyone handles distractions and negativity differently.  Whatever works for you, be yourself and do you!

Kill them with kindness without totally blowing your reputation or putting your brand on the line.  I am focused on re-branding myself as a person and building up my business.  It’s not easy because of the past people that I used to deal with on social media and I’m afraid that the new people I’m connected to or networking with may backfire.  So all I do is pray and continue to promote my magazine and recruiting new clients for my ads.  I can’t change what happened in the past and although I regret it, I have to live with it and move forward, because if I don’t, I will never be successful!

So remember the next time someone says something or does something that affects you, just remain silent and keep humble.  It’s not even worth the argument!

Just breathe and continue doing what you are doing!



Lil’ Woman on a Mission


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When Friends Go, Continue to Grow!

I always ask myself if I was friends-tv-show-bad-lessons-mainfriendly enough to attract the right friends in my life.  I am loyal, observant, sweet and have a strong opinion on things.  The fact that I’m observant and too straight forward with people, I find myself pushing them away.  Friends should never be used too loosely these days and times.  Anybody can talk to anybody and strike a nice pleasant conversation to ease the mind, body and soul.  But are we really examining the characteristics and personality of people before we start claiming them as a friend?

I always thought being friends with a male would be less complicated than with a female, but I was dead wrong!  They are too much opinion about certain things and don’t give you as many chances from my personal experience from a male friend I thought was a “friend”. We spent more time arguing over petty things that don’t even deserve a standing ovation in conversations via text. I have learned to just be by myself at times since I’m too opinionated I’m always think too deep into things.  But sometimes some people can be a little bit too toxic for your surroundings.  I want to enter into the new year with peace at my heart and a new beginning.  I don’t want people in my life that are toxic or dealing with professional people who are beefing with me about my services.  There has been too many times where I had to literally cut people off from my business because I felt like they weren’t taking it too seriously.  My small business is my baby and I’m not going to let anybody get between us!  I’m all about professionalism and business minded people who are always willing to invest in my future and in my business.  Sometimes I may be too hard on people without actually giving them a chance, but I feel like I’m doing what’s right to protect my sanity.

But friends, people, business partners, acquaintances come and go and sometimes you have to go through that to discover who is being real and who isn’t.  People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Many people in my life was for a season and never for a lifetime.  I was born to stand out! And even if I don’t  have that special friend that stays in my corner when things aren’t going right, I just have to be strong and move forward with my life.  I’m no perfect saint so I don’t pretend to be one because that isn’t of my character; I still continue to think of the good things I am doing in my life.  Friends shouldn’t be used too loosely, but it should be a privilege to have someone who actually is considered your friend.  I can remember all the times in school where I only talked to people, but never considered them my friend.  I had a very hard time trusting anyone so I would always shut them out or try to say something to hurt them so they wouldn’t talk to me anymore for dumb reasons.

Don’t allow people, the world or so called friends stop you from growing in your life.  It’s all lessons learned, but just don’t make the mistake over and over again.  I have to admit, I have made some of the same mistakes over and over again and I’m always wondering why I continue to do this, but truth be told, it’s stressful and emotionally draining.  Just let it GO!  That should be the motto for 2017: “JUST LET GO!”  Don’t worry about the ones who aren’t a true friend to you; real colors will always shine.  Just learn from that person and keep going.  A bad friendship isn’t worth the great things you are doing in your life right now.

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A Long Ways to Home





I’ve always been the type to test the dangers of life and see what the solution is towards the end.  Rebellious you may say, but I didn’t want to listen to anyone by myself.  I always got myself in trouble, whether it’s with my mouth or making the wrong decisions that could lead to bad solutions.  

I’m realizing that I have to love myself more and care less about the world and that no one can’t take my happiness away.  I’ve tested the waters long enough and using my tongue as a weapon and now it’s time to put my big girl panties on and move forward with life and start loving me for ME! No man  isn’t going to love me for what I love to do or love me for me, so as the new year approaches, I have some serious decisions to make and write down goals that I am planning to work at to achieve.

When you have a dream and a vision, don’t allow outside distractions or get emotionally involved with a situation that is too deep and unnecessary for you to handle.  FOCUS is the keyword in this lifetime.  Validation and kudoos points aren’t needed for a job well done.  Celebrate yourself every chance you get whether others aren’t that supportive or you or aren’t happy for you.  I am still learning and I know that I am not perfect but my inspirational thought for you is to keep pressing on and keep moving forward in life towards your dreams and goals!  Don’t let the world or negative situations keep you from being happy.


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Inspired to be Inspired

What if we woke up everyday not knowing what our purpose is in life or waking up without a game plan? Inspiration comes from the heart and mind.  What inspires you?  motivational-wallpaper-13.jpg

Let me tell you a little story.  Years ago I wasn’t where I wanted to be as an author.  I wrote my first book entitled “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” back in 2012.  I was working at a temp agency with little work to do, so I just started writing down my thoughts which were poems of encouragement.  No one knew that they were poems about my past.  I was trying to encourage myself through it all by writing it out on paper.  I wanted to give up everyday because of what I was going through.  I couldn’t function, I was depressed, I was angry, frustrated, emotionally lost; I was in a very dark place for a long time.

But as years went past, I turned over a new life with a purpose in mind.  Being an author was cool, but I wasn’t in the game to compete with other others or trying to make people buy my books.  I was inspired by giving back by offering services for authors and small business owners.  I realized the hard way that you can’t make people support your hustle and dreams.

So I’m telling you to get inspired by being inspired.  Wake up with a plan and a purpose!  The past is the past and your present is what  you can live for to prepare yourself for the future.


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