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ULR Feature: Deadly Vows by Robert Marsh


In life or death, sometimes the actions toward another person are not forgotten. The invasions of another persons mind set can cause the viewer to take a step back, sit up and imagine that the enemy does not see what is coming. They are in the inner part of the enemy head to feel the pain and not mix it up.
In a new line up of horror stories, Mr. Marsh takes us to the existence that there is more to life and death that we already know. Marsh focuses hard on showing us the different views of how pain and a doormat person can live inside us all and not realizing it until it is to late.


Marsh mind set is so strong on the death of him, that he sheds a dark light just to allow us to read a little concerning the demons inside us all. The style he shows is very conversational and straight forward in his own dark ways.

A book inside a book, “The Deadly Vows” is the mindset of Mr. Marsh. “The Deadly Vows” is powerful and offers us to see the evil we care not to see. The question after reading this book is, “Is it safe to go out again, knowing that there are people that are out there with his mindset. The “The Deadly Vows” is a dark and painful raw emotions book to read and it bares a spectrum of themes to comprehend.


Book Review

“This is a very good book, it is a collection of short stories written by the author. Each story contains an emotional overview of his feelings. The character development is good, the plot development is good, and the characters are believable and enjoyable. They jump right off of the page at you and pull you into their story.

I like reading books where I feel like I actually know the characters and this one did not disappoint. The storys flow really well, and they keep you turning page after page and totally engrossed in their stories.

This book is unique and it is original,the the result is a book that had me hooked from page one. I will definitely look for and buy more books from this author. This is definitely one to put on your must read list.” – Amazon Reviewer

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ULR Feature: The Curse Of The Golden Coins by Kaye Pascal



Treasure. Curse. Adventure. 1865. Some legends aren’t meant to stay buried. Some myths have a life of their own. In a cave, Del discovers a chest of gold coins. He thinks it is a long forgotten treasure. Soon he discovers his treasure is a curse. He must face a sinister spirit and a vengeful enemy. With the help of Sawyer and Willow, he embarks on a journey where magic meets myth. He must break the curse before he becomes its next victim.

Book Review

“I think most of the books that get released today are focused on the future or romantic side of life, and this is why I really appreciate a book that takes me back to an adventurous time in the past, where magic and mystery are the definition of reality. This book really took me back into the past, managing to create a wonderful setting and to build an unique adventure of treasure hunt and curses and mysterious happenings. With a twist of magic and one of adventure, Del, the main character is the one revealing to the reader the magical world of 1865. A very interesting and captivating read, the kind of adventure quest that I enjoy reading.” – Amazon Reviewer

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About the Author

Kaye Pascal is an author from Arkansas. She enjoys historical re-enacting and is an avid reader or many genres. The Curse of the Golden Coins is her debut novel.




ULR Feature: Finding Redemption (The Finding Series Book 2)



Avery & Abel Monroe, their names were synonymous with one thing. Manwhores.

Abel Monroe saw his brother was the man he’d always wanted to be, a loving Husband and Father. Abel became envious of him and hoped that one day he’d get a chance to be as happy as his brother.

Nova Anderson knew the Monroe brothers as their families were close. When she took the job at Easy Jays, she never anticipated anything happening between them.

One night, Nova let her overactive libido get the better of her and she found herself in the bed of the one man she swore she’d never enter.

When Abel’s past comes back to haunt him, will Nova stand by him when she thinks her chance at happiness would be marred by one reckless night Abel had? Will the reason why Nova ran from her comfortable life in Las Vegas make an appearance and finally end the happy life she was starting to have?

Will things stay the way they have been for so long, or will Abel finally find the redemption he’d been seeking since the moment he began to change his ways?


Book One – Finding Salvation is also available on Kindle

Book Review of Finding Salvation- Book 1 in the series

“Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down! I entered into the lives of Madison and Charlotte and felt their heartache, joy, sadness, fury, happiness, confusion, compassion, love, and understanding.

Madison and Charlotte had traumatic childhoods and bonded in a group foster home. They were each other’s family and would never be separated. They were fortunate enough to finally be adopted together when they were teens and as a reader, I thought they were going to be safe and happy the rest of the book. Nope. Not the case! They still had to survive grown up hell.

This book shows how traumatic life often is for adults who grew up as part of the foster care system. Not only do they have to deal with the unimaginable horrors they faced with their biological parents, they also have to deal with the emotional toll of being a foster kid. Finding Salvation reminds us that that each child’s experience is different and each child handles their experience differently into adulthood.

I became totally immersed in Madison and Charlotte’s lives. I enjoyed going on this winding journey with many twists and turns as both women realized they need to face the demons that haunted them and overcome their pain and fears in order to find their happily ever afters.” – Tina

ULR FEATURE: Stepping Out of Chaos: Surviving Divorce: Transforming Pain to Possibility

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Stepping Out of Chaos is a guidebook for everyone involved in a disintegrating marriage and tired of failing, fighting, and fearing. Emotional pain is an unavoidable companion of all but the rarest of divorces. Emotional pain can be an impetus for personal transformation and growth or it can reinforce feelings of powerlessness and victimization. This guidebook is a commitment to the former.
This bold and brief book introduces the reader to a new way to navigate the turmoil and chaos that accompanies divorce. It shares more productive ways to see situations and provides simple yet powerful processes and unique tools that lead you out of internal chaos onto more solid ground. Using these perspectives and tools will eventually lead the reader into a more rewarding chapter of life.

The solution that Stepping Out of Chaos offers is difficult if not impossible to discover alone. Without the perspectives that this book offers, the reader is stuck in seeing his/her situation from the same perspective that created it, forming an endless cycle of disappointment and pain. It is only by seeing through another’s eyes, seeing something that was invisible beforehand, that allows for choice and the possibility of change.

Stepping Out of Chaos approaches the reader respectfully and provides support through a non-judgmental and compassionate dialogue. This compassion and freedom from judgment is essential for being able to use the experience of divorce for situational and personal transformation. The book introduces three practices that open the reader’s mind: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action.

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Everyone involved in divorce suffers. The suffering comes from ways of interacting and relating that prevent healthy, loving, and sustainable relationships. It is the rare individual who enters into a relationship with the goal of destroying it yet this is often the outcome since there are aspects of how individuals relate that doom it from the start. Those aspects may not have shown themselves until children were born, financial hardship hit or success was achieved, or sickness or aging impacted individual expectations. Individuals rarely know what will trigger disharmony in advance nor are they aware of their part in creating it. “The problem” is always perceived as “out there”.

There is an inherent innocence in individuals caught up in a downward spiraling relationship. When this is recognized and honored it is possible to drop defensiveness and begin to be aware of what role each party is playing in the dissolution of the marriage. This awareness is the first step out of chaos. Through awareness one begins to develop the capacity to accept both responsibility for patterns of behavior that undermine dreams and the immense inherent power human beings have to change. With awareness and acceptance strategic actions can be designed and implemented to consciously and intentionally improve circumstances and the experience of being alive. Divorce is as much a beginning as an end.

The authors, Karen McMahon and Lisa Brick, partners and divorce and relationship coaches, share the experiences of their many divorce clients to illustrate the perspectives they introduce. They weave their expertise as coaches throughout the thought-provoking solution-seeking questions they pose to their readers. These questions provide access to parts of the brain that are lying dormant, waiting to awaken. Consider Stepping Out of Chaos the gentle supportive voice that will wake the sleeping creative, the finder of solutions, the innovator of new approaches, and ultimately, the wise self in which peace and happiness resides.

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Book Review

“WOW JUST WOW This is the best illustrated and laid out book that I have reviewed. It is very well
illustrated with great pics that contribute to the book.

This book is a short but concise read. The author should be congratulated on producing a book that
can take much of the pain out of divorce and keep people thinking in a clear headed fashion and
avoiding playing the victim.

People invariably suffer profound emotional pain because they are reacting emotionally and want
revenge. They also don’t see themselves as being contributors to the divorce. Karen points out
with laser like vision the need to analyze the situation in a cool very logical and analytical stance
and eliminating the emotions.

If you are thinking about a divorce you should invest in this book. The author also throws in a
free e-book entitled: Navigating Your Divorce. It can prevent you from making very costly
mistakes.” – Amazon Reviewer

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Can you imagine zipping down and away on a 380, 000 volt power line that comes out of a nuclear reactor, from one country to another, and all that in the middle of the night?



How about doing that amidst nature’s raging elements such as high winds, and intense rain storm, while your weight causes you to sink 18 feet (5.5 meters) closer to the live wires, till you start glowing, ready to be incinerated?

Still can’t?

Well, I can. Because I did it!

Certainly not for fun, however that’s what I had to do to get over the Iron Curtain, (Communist form of Homeland Security) which was placed in highly monitored militarized border zone, to be a free man.

In July 1986, I was escaping from Czech Republic, (formerly known as Communist Czechoslovakia), into Austria.

I did that together with a friend of mine, sort of  a “Mad Scientist” working on his ‘Free Energy’ device, that just as much as the project, as well as his sharply opposed ideological viewpoints, obviously didn’t go unnoticed by the government in Prague.

To irritate the dictatorship even more, I became outspoken about the Secret Service/ Police spying on the public by wiretapping the phones, suppressing our human rights etc. Needless to say, that kind of totalitarian Diablo Zeitgeist was not exactly conducive to free-spirited politically incorrect spiritual gangsters like me. Due to the pressure I ended up under, I had to get out fast. The massive time crunch I was in forced me to improvise hard, that’s if I wanted to dodge North Korea type of style political prison.

I knew that crossing the International border, where hundreds died trying to defect, was going to pose a serious challenge. In reality, I had no clue what a wild ride my escape is going to turn into.

Yes! We kind of turned into a divergent Spider Man to be able to  do the unthinkable, and that was to ride the world’s most extreme zip line – the nuclear powered high voltage power line!

Nothing is impossible!!!

Inspired by great escape stories such as Papillon (Butterfly), and Escape from Alcatraz, we knew that whatever human mind can conceive, it can achieve and that anything can be done, including crossing the deadly 5 miles without anyone even noticing.

In short, once we managed to infiltrate the militarized border zone, we became ghosts. Failed a few times, yet the moral remained unbroken.  Then, not giving up, and more determined then ever, when the time was right, we removed ourself from that fancy “home arrest” with a surgical precision.


While back home in Czech, shocked Communist propaganda demonized us, in Western block countries this story exploded upon a public like an atomic bomb and became instant media sensation.

At least in Europe, tension in Middle East, the biggest drug bust, terrorists or gun runners didn’t get better coverage than this story. In Austria, and in Germany, we were just as shocking and observed as is the Ukraine conflict today. We were called: “The Young James Bonds of Eastern Europe.” In oppressed countries; as well as in the free world, we gained legions of fans, constantly wanting to hear more riveting details of this amazing accomplishment.
As a result, our totally unique escape story kept stealing the headlines of major magazines and newspapers even many months after. Some of the U.S. media such as L.A. Times, Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune noticed this truly unique triumph of a human spirit as well.

Now, after all those years, this time from exciting Las Vegas, I am offering the readers to share all the details of my one of a kind “Supermax” unauthorized exit strategy, in which you find not only a unique piece of Cold War history, but also suspense, humor, Czech beer drinking pub scenes, adventure, and a lot of intellectually stimulating material.

My self-made pulley is on display in Checkpoint Charlie (Museum of Escapes), in Berlin, Germany. In my book and in the photo gallery that’s on the bottom of this page, you can see the latest photos from my visit in October 2013.

I hope I peaked your interest, and I also want to encourage you to sample my autobiography which is on

Book Review

“I chose this rating because I absolutely loved this book. I felt as though the author was giving me a personal tour into his world. I loved that he explained the history of that land and his people. There were things I never knew.

I loved the fact that Daniel and his friend were so driven to achieve freedom at any cost. The fact that God and the United States of America, the land of the free, played such an important part in their decision to escape in the daring way that they did. Those men absolutely know without a doubt, what freedom means and what it takes to achieve it and keep it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in real life stories with adventure, beliefs, trust, and the desire for freedom and much more.

I’m hoping that maybe there will be a producer/director out there that will read this book and see it as great material for a movie or documentary.

I wish them both many blessing and much success for the future.” – Barbara

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ULR Feature: The Paragraph Ranch by Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon

EVERY WRITER KNOWS YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN. But that’s just what is required of West Texas expatriate Dee Bennett-Kaufmann when her mother is badly injured in a mysterious car accident.


Single-again “Dr. Dee” has never been on the “A-team” in her trendy East Coast MFA program. When a prestigious summer fellowship gives her the chance to finally finish her book, salvage her career, and spend some quality time with her college-age daughter — Dee’s certain her luck is about to change. Returning to care for her irascible, widowed mother threatens all of that.

With so much at stake, Dee engineers a series of unorthodox strategies and creative tradeoffs to keep her options in play—and despite herself finds friendship, love, and the power of words in the unlikeliest of places.

Purchase the book now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Hardcover and Paperback

Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I live in Texas and am familiar with the area where this took place and feel that the authors were spot on with the characterizations of what it’s like to live in a small town. Dee’s goal was to get out of this small town as soon as possible and became very successful in her business life although she couldn’t say the same in her personal life. Once she is forced to return to her small town to help her Mother recover from a car accident she goes through an amazing discovery of life, both professionally and personally and realizes that small and simple isn’t so bad after all. Read this book, it’s a quick, easy read and you will really enjoy it. Congrats to Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon on a job well done on their first book and look forward to the next one.”- Amazon Reviewer


About the Authors

Meet Barbara Brannon


Barbara Brannon studied poetry with James Dickey at the University of South Carolina, where she earned the M.A. and Ph.D. Her poems have appeared in the Asheville Poetry Review, Cenacle, the South Carolina Review, and Yemassee, among other journals and magazines. She is a frequent contributor of travel and feature articles and author of The Ferries of North Carolina: Traveling the State’s Nautical Highways. Now heading up a nonprofit in Texas, she formerly served as managing editor of the University of South Carolina Press and director of the Publishing Laboratory in the Creative Writing Department of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her current projects include a history of the Hampshire Bookshop of Northampton, Massachusetts, a mainstay of American bookselling from 1916 to 1971. She is coauthor, with Kay Ellington, of the novel The Paragraph Ranch.

Meet Kay Ellington

Cotton fields, pumpjacks, and Friday Night Lights defined the world KAY ELLINGTON grew up in West Texas. A gypsy of newspapering, her career took her from New York to California to the Carolinas–and finally, back again to Texas.


You can find Kay and Barbara on Facebook at, and on their website at

Soft As Steel

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. -Norman Vincent Peale



As authors,  it is a given that we run the risk of readers not liking our work.  Yet, we have two ways to handle it when it happens and how we choose to handle it determines A) how serious we are about the craft and B) what kind of character we have away from the pages.

On my newsfeed a week ago, I read where an author took issue with a book club after receiving a poor review. This person called the reviewers out of their names, cursing them out and accusing them of favoritism. This person acted out so bad that  people were still talking about the incident days later. Other authors, including myself, chimed in with our thoughts and opinions and the general consensus was: ‘This guy had only one job and his job was to take the hit and use it to make himself a better writer”

I hope I’m not coming off self righteous and didactic when  I write this because I understand what it is like to work tirelessly on a story only to have it bashed. A moment that stuck out for me was when I entered a contest and the judges weren’t impressed. Instead of getting my ass on my shoulders and cursing out the judges and acting a fool to put some balm on my ego, I continued to write and practiced showing the reader what was going on instead of telling. I was determined to get better and put in the work to do so.

I haven’t been writing creatively for a long time, but I immediately learned two things: One, any author worth his or her salt, consistently works on the craft. Two, your skin in this business has to be soft as steel.  You can’t let the negative opinion of readers and fellow authors deter you. If anything, use it as fuel to get better.

Yeah, I know that sometimes  we as artists-be it authors, singers, musicians, actors or  actresses, etc get sensitive about our work, but that gives us no excuse to come at our audiences. For the author, especially black authors, bashing book clubs and arguing with readers is a sure way to commit career suicide.

Lashing out doesn’t only effect the offending author, it also effect others. Why?  When authors lash out at the readers, it makes a few apprehensive  about posting reviews. The majority of us rely on these reviews-good or bad because how else are we supposed to give the reader what they want without them telling us via a fair review?  We will mess around and not only have a few reviews here and there, but we won’t  have readers at all if we continue to carry on as some of us have.

I’m not saying that you can’t feel disappointed about a review or even feel angry, I’m saying that you just have to have tough skin to navigate through this industry if you want staying power in it. There are so many constructive ways to deal with a bad review. Again, you can take that review and learn and grow from it during your next project. You could even use that same bad review to move some units and turn a loss into a gain that way.

No mater what you chose to do with that less than favorable review, remember that whatever we create and release to the public is up for criticism and  there’s no getting around it. You can take the criticism, as well the praise, and continue to improve  or you can waste your keystrokes and breath trying to fight a battle you know you cant win when you’re beefing with book clubs and readers and end up being labeled as a “cancer” in the game. Choose wisely!