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Literary Spotlight: Homie, Lover, Friend by Shawn Thompson


H.L.F. Final Cover


2017 is starting off with authors dropping phenomenal books and Shawn Thompson’s newest work is no different! His novel Homie, Lover, Friend is a contemporary look at the relationships of real people with real issues. He touches on the issues of homosexuality, black hypersexuality and the hardships of a working woman. If the storyline doesn’t sound like Being Mary Jane and Empire rolled into one! I got a chance to talk with Shawn Thompson about the novel and all the tantalizing storylines.

What inspired you to write Homie, Lover Friend?

My novel “Homie. Lover. Friend.” was inspired by events in my own life regarding love and relationships as well as the actual song that was created by R. Kelly in the 90’s. My goal was to depict what life is like for twenty somethings in the world we live in today. Being in my twenties, I have gained experience in the art of love and loss, also struggling with what it truly means to have a “Homie. Lover. Friend.” within significant others and partners.

The book seems like a perfect blend of Empire and Being Mary Jane! Give us some details on these characters and the struggles they have to face in the novel.

Funny you say that; I am familiar with both shows and LOVE Empire. Cookie especially! There are three main characters in “Homie. Lover. Friend.” each with their own prospective struggles. Beau is a gay African American male that is anything but stereotypical, he values unconditional love over casual sex and has a hard time finding it. He also struggles with his personal affinity for his best-friend Roland. Roland is a domineering entrepreneur who has issues respecting those around him and uses women and power to boost his ego. Of course, karma has a way of humbling those who feel they can’t be tamed. Within his doggish past, he has dated and hurt Monae but they have remained friends after the end of their relationship. Monae is a successful career woman who seems to have everything going for her except the support of her fiancé Sterling. Over time she is forced to re-evaluate where she is in life and what is most important to her.

Is it easy to write relationship centric books? It seems like the only topic that continues to stay constant, even as life evolves.

I have always had an interest in relationships and love, part of the reason why I have pursued an alternate career in relationship counseling. It is easy for me to write relationship books because I have been in many relationships and friendships that have pruned me to be who I am now. People will always need one another, regardless of what some might think, which makes the relationship topic easy to relate to. Life may evolve but the yearning for others to care about us constant. Love is life and life is love!

Does “Homie, Lover, Friend” have a deeper meaning than it just being the title of the work?

The title “Homie. Lover. Friend.” was created based off the 90’s R. Kelly song. Each character is one part of the title. Homie being Roland because he is a homie to Beau. Lover being Beau because he wears his heart on his sleeve. Friend being Monae because she is a best-friend to the other characters as they all struggle to find their new selves.

What’s next for you?Headshot

Many things. I have a second book coming out in April called “Jaded”. It is a spin-off to H.L.F. and includes some of the main characters from my first novel. I am also experimenting with different writing styles and preparing myself to write my third novel. I currently co-host a podcast “Conscious Convos” which explores a variety of topics that are prominent to 21st century millennials.  

Where can we find you?

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. My Facebook page is Author Shawn Christopher and my Instagram name is author_shawnchris

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ULR Feature: Understanding the Soul of the Sun

Written by Seth Ferranti

soulofthesuncover3The book is available on

Soul of the Sun by Vesa Lumielle  is a magical voyage of the soul. An adventure across time and dimensions. Readers travel into a poetic landscape, breathe and rest in Atlantis and remember the sun. A journey unlike all others. Vera recalls why he wrote the book, “It was deep calling and passion, what made me write this book.”

We live in the illusion of reality is a refrain from the book and Vesa says his book is “very poetic and occasions mysterious.” On his website the book is described as expressions of extent emotions, shadows of rainbows in poetry of music. A dance of tears in a velvet moon light, an excursion understanding of compound in shadows.

Night and the desire of love in deepest aspirations.

His book is like poetry and the website is full of images that show “the connection between soul and human.” Vesa says. By reading his books readers will make a discovery unto themselves or who and why they are. “ For me it is, extremely important.” Vera says. The understanding, the poetry, the images.

He doesn’t offer any grandiose claims about what reading his book will bring he just offers, “That is for the reader to find out.” He knows his books intrinsic value and says, “It is worth of your time.”

A futuristic metaphysical view of society and life is what Vesa offers. “Soul of the Sun, briefly touches next books or the stories within this books.” He says.

And positive energy is what his book brings to the table. He offers that readers can gain insight and “hopefully much positive energy and love.” He says.

The book is available on

And here is a short excerpt from Soul of the Sun

It’s the second day at the expo. I arrived a little early, eager to get a good seat. Three of us, myself, Tuomo and Katri have each made our own plans, agreeing to meet up later on in the afternoon – this suits me just fine as I am feeling tremendously excited to get things started. Yesterday I had such a strong connection with Jonette. I also had a strange dream about today’s workshop, but I don’t remember much… I just recall seeing symbols, angels and blue beings.

I am one of the first to arrive and as I settle in I am greeted with the typical, “hello, how are you?” messages, sometimes improved by a ‘namaste’, however, with an added bonus of a cosmic smile, giving me a sense of belonging within these walls. Shaking hands with others was another vivid experience, surfacing huge amounts of excitement and welcoming love, a ‘back to home’ vibration.

Few groups and couples strike up metaphysical talk, particularly about Jonette and her history. I grab the opportunity to eavesdrop whilst all is still quiet, but people in the room quickly increase in number, and as it does, I start to feel an unexpected love rise into my heart.

The sheer joy of being here is tantalizing – it all feels so timeless and feather like. I am in a cloud of my own, feeling my breath deepening. Everything around me is not interacting with me – I am detached. I hear what seems to be bubbling sounds and some clapping. I then see a wind following Jonette’s steps as she makes her way to the stage. I see her energy and can feel the air getting more tense. Electric blue sensations hit me everywhere, and at that moment, I am surrounded by blissful perfection.

The book is available on

A Wiccan Harry Potter?


Available Now on Kindle Unlimited!

Airion is the first book out in the new series Carrie: A Magickal Series by author L.M.Halls. Halls has been a lifelong student of the occult. As a Wiccan priestess she has faced many challenges and journeys much like the main character in her book. She has devoted herself to her craft and forged a fine novel that will leave you speed reading and wanting more. He work takes a close look at the darker side of the human soul but still shows that the light and beauty can be the most positive thing despite the situation one might find themselves in. But don’t take it from me, lets get to the interview and her comments on what the book is about and a multitude of other things.

What is your book about?
The protagonist of Airion is Carrie, a Wiccan psychic and spiritual counselor working in an occult shop. Things start to get messy for Carrie when she crosses paths with a cult that has a very entrepreneurial view of spirituality and their practices drain followers financially and energetically. New members are not the cult’s goal in entering her space; their primary interest is the ley line that runs under the store and extends along the eastern seaboard. A ley line is an energetic current that flows through the Earth similar to chi through the body’s meridians in Traditional Chinese medicine or prana in a yoga practice. Carrie learns that she is meant to battle for the line and maintain the balance in the magickal currents across the country. The concept of ley lines was important to me because we are inextricably connected to nature and I wanted to look at how our actions impact the earth in a variety of ways.

Airion literally translates to iron and ultimately when our protagonist, Carrie, has to tackle her mission she finds the iron within her to withstand and overcome the obstacles that are ahead for her.

On a larger level, Airion is about the importance of the choices we make every day and how we create who we become through the combination of events beyond our control and very personal decisions that determine our openness to accepting a purpose in our life.

How do you incorporate the Wiccan religion into it?
Carrie is a Wiccan – living with the creed of harm ye none – and the practice of the Craft is what inspires her to embrace her gifts and work as a psychic and Wiccan teacher. In the book you do see the realities of a modern witch casting spells, working in her apothecary, and communicating with the Divine, through the many faces of the Goddess as well as Archangels, who for me are messengers of the Divine and not the property of any specific religion. Her battles are metaphysical and her ability to astral project forms the landscape for the battles to come.

I hope the message that love is the greatest power of all shines through. Let’s face it, we all want telekinesis, but the most powerful gift we all have is love. It heals us and allows us to heal others. I share some of the same tools I use with my clients in the book and I hope that they help people to look at their own fears and the false messages through which they look at their lives.

I think my anger at the exploitation of what should be a path for love and beauty played a role in writing this book as well. I love Wicca because you only explore it if it feels right for you and it provides so many avenues to peace. I am disturbed by many of the New Age gurus who have emerged selling ridiculous promises to desperate people. It would be naïve to think that the metaphysical world would not be plagued by as many con artists as any other religious space. For me this work is a calling and every person who is selling pipe dreams instead of real tools and help is undermining the healing our clients need.

Is it a fantasy novel? Why or why not?
Personally, I prefer to call it magical realism. Yes, for the larger public, Airion is fantasy. Astral projection, ley lines, psychic gifts and demons – these are generally the property of the fantasy genre. For me, writing the book was very personal and as a Wiccan these are all elements that I am familiar with and have experienced. The witches I have talked to about the book were struck by the accuracy of the representation so I think it all comes down to your point of view. I do want to make clear, however, that this is a work of fiction. I found the roots in stories that were shared with me from Wiccans across the country about dark practitioners not understanding the dangers in casting spells on major portals for their own use and catapulted from there.

Who is your target reader? What books are they reading?
I find that many of us are looking for a bigger purpose or meaning to life and though I had White witches as my target reader, the book is written in a fast paced, easy to read style that any casual reader of metaphysical thrillers would enjoy. I am very disturbed by so many of the mass media images of witches and I wanted to create something that real witches could read and say, “Finally, that’s me.” I also want to reach Indigos and this new generation that feels drawn to have an impact on the world.

So many of the books written for Wiccans are non-fiction and I know that various grimoires are a big piece of what they are reading, as well as fantasy thrillers and supernatural romance and I think that my book has those elements. For me, if you enjoyed the Caster Chronicles, which became the movie Beautiful Creatures, I think you would really enjoy Airion.

What made you decide to write this book?
Books have always been a crucial part of my life and my road to understanding so writing was the natural tool for exploring these ideas that were tumbling in my head. Growing up we moved every year and my grandmother sent me care packages of books that became my most treasured items. In graduate school I fell in love with Post-Modernism and Magical Realism and I am a rabid fan of Toni Morrison.

Storytelling is the way a culture shares their values, explores their fears, and creates their heroes. Working with individuals every day who are struggling to find happiness really made me want to examine these feelings of alienation and the search for personal meaning.

It’s interesting, I was talking to a Master Astrologer the other day and apparently when I decided to start writing I had some transits occurring in my chart that only happen once every 140 years. So in a way, I was answering the call of the universe to let loose the reins on my subconscious.

Who is Carrie based off of?
Carrie is based on all of us – we all want to stand against the exploitation in the world, and provide love and guidance to help others find happiness. We all have struggled with societal expectations that do not honor who we really are. I really hope that all readers find a piece of themselves in her – in her struggles and her success.

What would you say to someone to get them to read your work for the first time?
I have tried to give voice to the common aspirations we all have – finding peace, love, and a little Magick in our lives. I also hope that if you have any curiosity to see how a psychic and a white witch lives then this book is a great choice. Obviously as a work of fiction, it is also written to be a page turner and something that you can easily transport you – it’s a fun read, which will leave you inspired and viewing the world with a different perspective.

What is next in the series?
Pushing Lines is scheduled to be released July 31st. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I will just say that the first book focused on Carrie’s local vicinity. The next battle for the ley lines will take her on a national level. Carrie is mad as hell and struggling to keep a grasp on right and wrong and I will confess, so far it has been a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing how people respond to it.

About the Author


L. M. Halls has been a lifelong student of both the occult and literature. As a Wiccan priestess and spiritual counselor she works with individuals to develop the tools to build a strong sense of self, even when life has presented extraordinary challenges. As an author she enjoys strong protagonists confronting the big life questions in landscapes that allow for some fun. By necessity her work addresses the darker side of the human soul but there is always enough beauty to balance what might otherwise seem a dire human condition.

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ULR Feature: The Power & Intelligence of Karma & Reincarnation by Darma


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Also available in paperback!

In the distant past, life was pretty harsh – most work was manual labor, medicine was primitive and there was little law & order – the perfect opening to religions that promised an easy afterlife. Life was mocked as sin, “up there” awaited a magical land of plenty. These religions kept us weak, God made in the image of the local King reduced followers down to slaves/servants, down on their knees begging for mercy and seeking pity. This book asks for a paradigm change – are we still weak? Do we still think we can just run away from problems? This book is for the Strong, the Warrior, for those who see Life as a Great Gift from God, God as our Teacher, as we build the paradise right here on Earth and make Her Proud of us! Create & build a great Future for all life on earth. Only Reincarnation gives us such an opportunity.

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“This book really goes deep and gives reasons of this specific topic.I t really has a nice and neat representation to it that I as a book lover can relate and it also has the key factors that make me understand the purpose of the book. I surely will recommend this book to any individual that really needs knowledge about the topic. Reading the sample i tell you my fellow individuals that you will become entitled to it and make you even want more and i know i want to read more and it also gives me knowledge about stuff and ideas I didn’t really consider. This book is a really good piece and can give you a bit of intelligence. With that being said i would recommend that you at least use some time to read what a nice and incredible
piece this book is” – Amazon Review

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About Tabi Bonney

Tabiabuè Bonney, better known as Tabi Bonney, is a Togo-born, Washington, D.C.-based rapper. He is the son of Itadi Bonney, an afro-funk musician popular during the 1970s in Togo and West Africa.[1] Bonney achieved recognition in the Washington metro area with his radio singles “The Pocket” and “Doin It,” which featured Raheem DeVaughn. Bonney started a clothing line called Bonney Runway; he has also directed and produced music videos for several artists including friend and fellow D.C.-associated rapper Wale

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ULR Feature: 50 Hairstylist by Rick Morton



This is the book like no other in the salon industry. 50 of the world’s top hairdressers, salon owners and colorists share their secrets to success. Read about what they think you should do… and NOT do… to make your career the best it can be and how you can guarantee your future. If you’re a young stylist just starting out, or a beauty school student about to embark on your career, this book can make all the difference on your road to success. Order your copy today. Begin immediately learning the secrets that have made the country’s top hairstylists successful. Learn how to find the perfect mentor… How to develop new clients… When to specialize… What you didn’t learn in school…

How to learn color… and more. Order now!

An Interview Author and Stylist Rick Morton – Los Angeles

What made you want to write a book about hairstylists? Rick: Well, I’ve been producing video education in the professional beauty industry for over 30 years and in that time I’ve gotten to know a lot of very successful stylists and salon owners. And I’ve seen a lot of young stylists who would like to succeed in their beauty career. But it’s not easy.

So you saw a need…

Yes. The stylists in our book have “been there… done that”. They’ve made the mistakes and learned what it takes to be successful. People like Beth Minardi, the NY hair color guru or Hollywood’s Kim Vo… Orlando Pita, Nick Arrojo, Tabitha Coffey. These are big-time success stories. I thought, These are stories that young stylists need to hear if they’re going to be successful. So I started making calls.

Did anyone turn you down?

Interestingly, no. No one did. Every single stylist, whether they knew me or not, was eager to share their success secrets. I was pretty amazed, actually. The information in the book is invaluable to a young stylist.

Thanks for joining us.

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Anne Knows Books Hit the Nail on the Head

From: Doing It By The Book Podcast

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How do you come up with the recommendations?

First we take the time to get to know you through a personalized book profile. We get to know what aspects of books you like and don’t like. Your personal Book Specialist will then continually curate a collection of books tailored just for you.

What kind of books will you suggest?

We recommend books from every genre, from Historical Fiction to Fantasy to Biography. We have new releases, classics, books in a series, and debut novels. It all depends on the tastes of your reader.

When will I receive my recommendations?

Your first recommendation should arrive via email around 3 days after your personalized book profile is created. From then on, you’ll receive recommendations every one, two or three months based on your plan.

What’s the refund policy?

We strive to be the very best place for book recommendations. Simply put, you won’t pay for books you’ve read or books you don’t like. If it does happen, we’ll send you a brand new recommendation free of charge.

Is there a contract?  Can I cancel?

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Can I refer a friend?  How does it work?

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Can I refer enemies too?

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Anne of Green Gables! It’s where we got our name 🙂

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ULR Feature: Phantasia by M. U. Riyadad

After finding the body of a dragon in a metallic desert, Red finds out that he is the reincarnation of a messiah worshipped by an insectoid alien race bent on invading his star system. Swept into a dangerous adventure across glacial swamps, cloud cities, and dead stars — Red must evade his true purpose in the world, to summon a forsaken diety trapped in another realm.


Phantasia is a future fantasy epic that stands at 180,000 words.

 Available now on Kindle!

Book Review

I normally do not read Sci-Fi books, but after seeing the book description for this one I was very interested! I loved how descriptive the author was with the scenery. Everything was very vivid and I felt as if I was there during many of the scenes. The author did a great job with playing everything out and I was able to envision the book in my mind. I would have to say that I loved the character Red. He was so adventurous and brave. Red finally realizes his real purpose in the world and fights hard to achieve it. I loved following him through his adventures and he was easy to connect with. I found that the author had excellent writing skills. There were no grammar mistakes and everything that the author wrote about had a distinct purpose. This is truly a book that I would recommend and I hope to see this journey continue in a second book!

 Just $2.99 on Kindle!

About the Author


Riyadad Ullah is a New York Times best selling author, and known internationally as a prodigy in future fantasy epics.

Just kidding — but you can reach me at for any questions or comments about Phantasia, or message me at





Written by: Wesley “Godfather” Hunter

Available now for $0.99 on Kindle!

Erotica is about power and passion. It’s about the give and take of control: Domination, taboo differences, and the adventuresome stepping outside of ones perceived limits. Erotica pushes and pulls; it tugs and stretches, yanks and smacks you right in the face, forcing you to confront and consider what you thought you never would. Good, strong, stiff erotica makes you second guess what you thought you knew about the limits you’d set, and leaves you somewhere wet, with just the idea. Fantasy. Imagination. A world beyond the real. Or is it?


“No matter how strong a woman is, she desires a man who’s stronger.”

Is it any wonder that movies like INDECENT PROPOSAL or 50 SHADES OF GREY have ripped into our consciousness and burned themselves into our memory with such powerfully aggressive force? The mere thoughts thrusting into us, a questioning we’d never before considered, yet, leaving us spent at the conclusion, with wholly new thoughts of ourselves and just what our limits might be. Or, better yet, luring us to question if indeed, we truly even have limits at all.

BY MY CHOICE is a sexy, sensuous, romantic erotica which finds a sensible woman trapped by choice. Caught within a vampires snare, Jennifer is sold by the only friend she has, and, now, must completely submit to the carnal desires of another, in order to be made free. Losing herself to find herself, she must do what she never would, and become someone she never knew or imagined as she learns that, true freedom is given not taken, and that all passions must be explored, in order to have truly lived: in order to have truly been free. BY MY CHOICE because, in the end, we all must choose.

Christine Blackthorne, holds degrees in political science, economics, philosophy and law. She’s a witty one who likes to twist and baffle, as she teaches and explores the outer realms. Christine is a blogger who writes on issues of feminism and erotica. She is the author of BY MY CHOICE.

As one who writes on feminism, is there any irony in the fact the BY MY CHOICE is a story which seems to strip the woman of free will; where a woman is sold and made to submit?

Only if we would argue that life in itself is against feminism – there is always a choice, even if we feel there is none. As humans we have a tendency to hide behind the argument that we had no choice, that what happened forced us into doing something. The problem is that we do have a choice, and if the only choice is how to deal with a bad situation. We always have a choice.

This is in particular the case in Dominance/submission scenarios. We choose to play at this and without that choice it does not work. When I submit to my partner, I do this because I choose to do it. I still am responsible for my actions and reactions. I am responsible for choosing him even though I give up control over what will happen. It is one of the reasons why it holds value.

As women, as feminists, it is easiest to sit back and argue that we have achieved all, or at least all we can. That we do not have a choice. We also have a tendency to consider sex something we are more likely to consume and wait to see what happens to us. BY MY CHOICE is intentionally showing a character who, though she seems to have no choice, takes her choice back

Available now on Kindle!

Vampires. Why a vampire story?

I like vampires. There is the theory out there which says you have either an erotic appreciation for the concept of shifters or vampires – I am not that clear-cut but I do lean towards the vampires. In part this might be due to the fact that I love to have my neck touched and kissed. But mostly I think it is due to my fascination with history – just imagine the knowledge you could glean from someone who has lived for centuries.

I see you’re a blogger. Tell us about your blog?

My blog was an accident. I resent the way feminism is often portrayed, or portrays itself, as an enemy of sex. When I was asked to write an article about Feminism and Submission I realized that there is a lot I want to say.

Then I became pregnant and started writing about the changes pregnancy brings to sex, or rather the use of certain toys or practices. So the blog added some more practical aspects to the blog. So now I write about Feminism, Erotica and BDSM both looking at practical, as well as, academic issues.

How long have you been writing?

I have always told stories, to my friends, to myself but it was really necessity that made me write them down. As a child we moved a lot. Stories I had started to tell my friends suddenly had to be written down – sometimes in letters, sometimes as a few sentences on a restaurant napkin. In extreme cases as a felt-tip pen mark on a hand when that friend said goodbye at the station.

We got older and the distances grew – as did the number of recipients of the stories. First they became emails sent on by people, then a technologically gifted nerd-friend set up a website with a newsletter option. Some of the oldest stories are still being distributed via that.

The natural next step was to create a singular novel which I did when the son of a friend was born (for her – not for him 😉 ). From that came the publication of By My Choice…

Is this your first book? Do you plan to write others?

It is, and it is not. BY MY CHOICE… is a novella in a world for which I have written two full novels (about to come out) and another novella.

I also have a dystopian sci-fi story, GUILT, at the publishers – so that is on its way too.

With all of the degrees and options you have, why write?

Writing is not really a choice – more a compulsion. When I close my eyes in the evening, when I wait for a bus, when I am in the gym, the stories just happen. Some stories have happened over years, other are just scenes. Some get written down, some never do.

What was the inspiration for this story?

The philosophical inspiration came from listening to other submissives and women curious about submission. The discussion was based on responsibility and choice, that submission is a gift. I realized that I needed to think about that one.

I resented the idea that submission is the gift of giving away responsibility. I might give up control, but I am still responsible for what happens – responsible to be honest, absolutely honest, to my partner; to only give that control to someone I trust. I cannot make another person responsible for my own physical and emotional well-being, and if it is only for a short time, without accepting the responsibility as well. Even when giving up all choice, I need to make one.

Do you read a lot of erotica? Who inspires your writing style?

I mainly read fantasy, urban fantasy, crime and erotica. What makes a good book for me is the ability of the author to draw me in, to make me feel the story with all my five senses, to let me get lost in it. I try to create the same in my stories.

My favourite authors are Anne Bishop, Cherise Sinclaire and Patricia Briggs and though I aspire to their writing, I am only too aware that I am still very far away from reaching them.

What makes BY MY CHOICE different than what’s out there?

Research has shown that, for women, 90% of sex happens in their minds, I try to give those 90% space in my stories, to draw the reader in with all their senses as well as their brains. There is always some philosophical point, something behind – if a reader wants to look. That does not make my stories different from everything out there – but it distinguishes it from those who only want to show the physical side of sex.

Anything else you want to add? Where can your book be found?

Amazon, Barnes and Nobels and the usual places

By my choice

How can you be reached?

I am on facebook, twitter and so on – but the best way of reaching me is possibly my website: or via email:


About the Author


In “real” life, I am an academic with degrees in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy and Law and an insatiable desire to confound, baffle and disconcert my students. Someone once suggested to me the reason for my stories lay in the desire to offset the tedium and rationality of academic life. He wasn’t an academic or he would have known better. It is best to use research against tedium, students to offset the rationality and an unlimited supply of stressballs for the faculty meetings. The stories? Well, they are just for me – like a mental manicure.

I also write a blog on Feminism and Erotica – come talk to me:

DARE TO LIVE w/ Daryl F. Hayott

Written by: Wesley “Godfather” Hunter

Available on Kindle for Just $0.99

Life is truly short. When we’re young, we take a lot for granted. We challenge things, take chances with things, and explore things without fear or caution. We call it daring, exciting, adventurous. Yes, so easy it is to ignore and underestimate the value of all that life is, or all that life could be, as we trudge along unaware. But, then, something happens, which awakens us, and suddenly, our entire focus changes. It could be a birth, a death, or just some random life altering moment. Like the fight of a battle in a soldier’s heart, an illness which cripples us or threatens our life. It could be a good job or the love of a mate; addictions, gun shots, travels and whoas, all add substance and importance to who we are and where we go on the journey of life.
The older we get, the faster time goes. . .
In 1996, Daryl F. Hayott’s grandmother died, from complications due to AIDS. After this life changing event, Daryl moved to Alexandria, Va. He would eventually graduate from Virginia Union Univ. in Richmond, Va. And Regent Univ. School of law, in 2013. Also a freelance photographer, Mr. Hayott, the attorney turned first time author, took the self-publishing route, using LuLu publishing to release his debut title, The Brandy Brothers, on 10/8/14.
The Brandy Brothers is a tale which explores the value of life. The story follows a group of under achieving college grad.s on a journey to find themselves and discover a meaningful purpose in life. Input equals output and Daryl shares many of his life’s most meaningful lessons here. To find out why and get a better understanding, I decided to speak with Daryl, and ask those questions directly:


Available on Kindle for Just $0.99

When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

I’m not sure. I was always fascinated with the art of storytelling. I love Rap and Hip Hop. I wrote raps for years and made CD’s with my friends when I was younger. When I was in law school I was bored to death and started writing The Brandy Brothers to pass time.
Being an attorney and freelance photographer, what made you decide to throw your hat into the crowded, and challenging arena of writing?
I just wanted to tell a cool and funny story about some crazy people I know. I never considered how challenging or crowded the field of writing is. I just wrote something that I think people will enjoy and I want to share it.
What or who were your inspirations for the story?
My friends in college. All of the main characters are based on my real life friends. Some parts of the story are actually things that really happened. But I’ll never tell. I plead the fifth.

What is the point/intended message of your story?
There is no point to the story. There’s no deep meaning or hidden message. It probably won’t make you think hard or self reflect. It’s supposed to make you laugh and smile. It won’t cure the world, but I hope it at least takes your mind off of it for awhile.

Who is your intended audience?
The young and not so young adult demographic. I would say anyone 18-40 who likes to laugh and have fun.

Do you plan to do more writing in the future?
Yes. The Brandy Brothers is going to be a four part series. The next volume will drop next winter. And from there I’ll probably write a few more books about a few more funny things and fancy that I’ve seen and met in my crazy life.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Yeah. I just want to thank you for taking time out to interview me. Also, thanks to everyone who has read the book. If you haven’t already, check me out!  The Brandy Brothers is short, easy, crazy and fun. A lot of it actually happened, so if you can figure what’s true or not. Hit me up and I’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong. Don’t forget to eat and live well, exercise, and get rest. You are irreplaceable to someone.

Where can your book be found?
It’s only out in eBook form, currently, but the paperbacks are coming soon. You can find the book on Amazon, the Nook Store, iBooks, and of course

How can you be reached?
You can find me on facebook/thebrandybrothers, Instagram: cbde_fotos and on twitter: cbdefotos

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About the Author

Daryl ” Dee” Farrad Hayott is a 31 year old first-time author from Queens, NY, USA. He was raised in New York until his grandmother died due complications of AIDS in 1996, and he and his family moved to Alexandria Virginia. He graduate of Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA in 2006 and Regent University School of Law in 2013. In addition to being a newly licensed attorney, he is also a freelance photographer.