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ULR Feature: Birth Pangs of the Tribulation: Revised Edition (End Times Tribulation Book 1) by Dr. Gary Michael Epping


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Nearly everyone, including myself, hope that the Rapture of the Church occurs before the start of the Tribulation, similar to the storyline that was characterized in the ‘Left Behind’ series. This is a recent concept that was only made popular by John Darby during the latter part of the 19th century. For the nineteen centuries prior to that time, most religious leaders held to a different view of when Jesus would return for His saints.

What if the Resurrection and Rapture did not occur at the beginning of the Great Tribulation? Would Christians lose their faith and follow the wooing of the Antichrist? Or would they return to the Bible to see if the Rapture might still occur at another time? These are some of the questions that went through the minds of the revival crusaders, as they watched the news about the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and the Mediterranean Brotherhood of Muslim nations.

Major shock waves reverberated throughout the Christian Church when no one was raptured and everyone was left behind, as Hans Auntay Khrysto negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. Faith becomes a central issue with some people growing stronger, and others falling away to follow the luring of the Antichrist. Those Christians who chose to endure were able to function within society by simply continuing to take the Great Commission into the world, and moving the local church underground during the growing persecution of the tribulation period. However, when the temple is desecrated during the middle of the Tribulation, people are forced to accept or reject the mark of the beast. Christians must flee and seek a place of refuge during the Great Tribulation or face certain execution.

The current book is a 2nd edition and has been completely revised and re-edited. It is part of a Tribulation Trilogy that includes, ‘Birth Pangs Of The Tribulation,’ ‘Tribulation Rising,” and ‘The Unfolding Of The Great Tribulation.’

Available now on Kindle for Just $0.99

Book Review

“When I started reading this book I knew that It was going to be something new and different. It’s a story, but as a story it speculates some very serious theological possibilities. Of course this is nothing new, there’s thousands of books based on the theme of good vs. evil, god vs. the devil, etc. . Birth Pangs of the Tribulation is completely different from anything I’ve ever read. The whole concepts of the rapture, tribulation and judgement are described and brought to life in an epic and believable way. How would the worlds countries, religions, and organizations react to the Tribulation? This book has completely changed my entire perspective on religion and spirituality. Overall I would recommend this story to people who want a unique story on the concept of tribulation.” – Amazon Reviewer

About the Author


Dr. Gary Michael Epping, PhD, received Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Business Administration, and was a University Professor for twenty-five years. During that time, he taught and published several scholarly articles about the business world. After a radical spiritual transformation at a long-running revival in the mid-1990’s, he subsequently received both Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology, in order to prepare himself and his family for spending eight years as missionaries in Thailand. The Epping family recently returned to America, and is currently living in Montana, where Michael is a minister, rancher, and writer. He presently has around ten books on Amazon Kindle, with the most recent being a revised edition of “Birthpangs of the Tribulation.”

ULR Feature: Selected Contemporary Native Issues in Canada : Observations Made in The Field by Eric John Large

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In Selected Contemporary Native Issues in Canada : Observations Made in The Field, Eric John Large sheds light on the barriers that prevent his First Nations People from experiencing vibrant health. He points out three particular causes: the federal government’s nativeissuesmisinterpretation of their vision of health; its low prioritization of processes that encourage the establishment of healthy First Nation communities; and the fact that attaining commitment from government for affirmative action is next to impossible.

Health care, however, is not the sole issue. The book also contains documents such as addresses, press releases, treatises, definitions and legislations that are all directed toward efforts such as revitalization of language and culture, education and youth, ultimately to preserve the diminishing indigenous lands and nation.

Honest, bold and daring, Selected Contemporary Native Issues in Canada labors to speak out the truth about the plight of the First Nations People. Although its cases may have happened some years ago, the message rings true today more than ever. It is indeed a great source of empowerment for readers who have suffered like Crystal.

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About the Author


Eric John Large is an Indian Residential School Coordinator and Resolution Health Support Worker. In 1978, he completed the bachelor of education degree program at the University of Alberta. Later, he attended a management studies program at Blue Quills First Nations College from 1987 to 1989. Large loves serving people in the field of native politics, federal and provincial policies, federal legislation and public services. His interests include health care, social welfare, youth development, social science, culture and traditions, history and writing. He highly values respect for all people regardless of their origin, heritage, and belief.

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ULR Feature: Infidelity: A Man’s Inheritance By Katie Ploum

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A natural magnet for male attention, men have always found her charming and irresistible on sight.  Now living in New York, Anna spends her free time navigating the city’s lively social scene.  Warned early on about the shallowness of the attractive, successful and ambitious New York man and the emotionless attachments he seeks, Anna had welcomed the challenge of finding a good man with confidence and determination that for her, things would be different.  Nights spent in meaningless banter, countless encounters with deceit and a broken heart have left Anna discouraged and confused.  No longer filled with confidence but rather overcome with self-doubt, she is forced to reflect on her experiences and take a closer look at herself.

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About the Author


Katie Ploum is a best-selling author in Greece. She studied at Kings College London and took residence in the UK after completing her studies. For several years, the hectic pace of London’s financial service industry became Katie’s full-time involvement. Parallel to being active in the hustle and bustle of the City’s thirst for money and power, Katie nevertheless maintained a keen interest in observing human interrelationships on a more personal level. It was only a matter of time before the creation of stories like these became her true calling.

Once a socialite in trendy West End and Athenian circles, Katie began to see through the façade of the emotionless relationships that women inherently encountered in these competitive environments. Her books touch on these compelling relationships and the attitudes that predefined them.

Katie has appeared on Greek television and has written on topics ranging from the challenges of modern women in their careers and relationships to  the disparity of gender compensation and traditional societal expectations.



ULR Feature: Between The Lines By Quevina Scarver




When Isla first sees Ailbe, the exchange student, she thinks nothing of him, but after two years of him living with them she struggles with her intense feelings for him.

Isla fights with herself mentally to deny her very feelings for Ailbe because she is unsure of how he feels and dating him goes against the one house rule: No dating the exchange students. If something were to happen, then Ailbe will be sent back home. She fights her feelings so that she can remain close to him for the remainder of his stay.

Now she is stuck in her limbo of feelings trying to ignore feelings and deal with a secret that has been kept from her entire family.


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About the Author


Quevina Scarver was born and raised in Long Island, New York. For a few years a young age she moved back and forth between Florida and New York by choice to be with each of her parents. Around the age of 11 she began to write poetry as a way to express her feelings. For years she would only write poetry until 2009. After the birth of her son, Quevina, took to reading more and more, until one day sentences and ideas started to randomly come to her. The only way to get them out was to write. It wasn’t until 2011, after moving back to New York again, that she decided writing was what she wanted to do with her life. In 2014 she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree for Creative Writing. Ever since she has started writing she realized it was a true passion of hers and took it upon herself to attend school to try to learn more of the process.


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ULR Feature: Bad Bitches by Toni T.


Four sexy and driven women in Dayton, Ohio are determined to have it all without losing themselves in the process.
Casey knows what she wants and gets her way in both the courtroom and the bedroom. She seduces the most powerful and desirable men, but never allows them to hold her back as she navigates her way to becoming one of the city’s top defense attorneys.
Ex-Olympian world-class sprinter, Anitra, owns a successful sports apparel business and is engaged to the man of her dreams. Though he gives her everything she wants and a walk down the aisle is in her future, the present is proving to be complicated when she catches the eye of an admirer.

Twenty-nine year old doctor, Briana, has purposely avoided commitment for years and thinks love will only get in the way of her medical career. She holds firmly to the ideology and things are going exactly as planned, until she meets the gorgeous and alluring Terrence.

Vanessa is a successful caterer who is sexually neglected by her husband. When she succumbs to her desires with one of her employees, she never suspects the man has a very dangerous dark side. Now, her yearning for affection might just become her marriage undoing.

When these girlfriends’ lives and friendships begin to unravel, it’s an unforgettable experience that changes them forever. Love is a hellhole for the spirit. Some stagger out of relationships weak and repentant, while the strongest emerge Bad Bitches.

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ULR Feature: Macabre Tales by Tony Thorne MBE

MACABRE TALES – If you stop to think about everyday things happening in your life, and then turn a speculative, scientific, but definitely weird glare on that activity, you would begin to
understand the type of stories written by Tony Thorne MBE. For instance, his parting tale, WASHOUT, describes how a man finds his wife frozen in place by fright, holding a knife, standing near their washing machine. I loved the ending of this one! I found Tony Thorne more droll than truly gruesome. His concepts are clever, his writing sharp and quickly to the point and he closes with a quiet flourish. He delves into personal areas, our daily lives and asks you to consider the alternatives that are conceivably possible, if only… But then, again, there really might be a bit of truth just waiting to be scientifically researched and created! Highly recommended for a true exploration of the macabre. – GABixlerReviews

Macabre Tales is a collection of short stories that will amuse and entertain you to no end. These are stories that I would be comfortable sharing with family and friends. Each story is moderately short, so if you don’t have a lot of time for reading, this would be a great choice. I found myself on the edge of my seat during one story, then smiling and chortling during the next. This collection is very imaginative, and original.    macnew


A collection of weird and wonderful, quirky tales for all readers, to chill and entertain. But none of them could really happen… could they? The contents include: Shape Shift – Some things are not what they seem.
Brain Wave – Time for a medical tale.
Death on the Fly – A case of mutual hacking.
Euthanasia Inc. – A solution to a growing problem?
Farmer’s End – An early American ghost story.
Ideal Home – Just what they wanted to find?
Indulgence – What (not) to do if you’re overweight.
Micro-Voices – They can drive you off-balance.
Painfully Redundant – A medical progress casualty.
The Potting Shed – One way to prolong your time.
Serial Vision – A TV time terror tale.
Slimming Plan – Surely a rewarding development?
Washout – Sinister visitors arrive in a lonely country house.

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Meet Tony Thorne


I am an Englishman, born and technically educated in London, England, and now living in Austria and Tenerife. For developments in low temperature instruments, and very high temperature (carbon fibre) processing furnaces, the Queen awarded me an MBE.
I now write quirky speculative stories; mostly Science Fiction and Macabre, with two novels published, and over 100 short stories published in various collections, as shown on my website …

ULR Feature: The Gift-Knight’s Quest by Dylan Madeley


“Chandra had yet to fathom why Jonnecht could not have lived and ruled for many long years, or why it was so urgent that she ascend immediately.”
Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatized by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in power, Chandra risks putting the lives of many in mortal danger, as well as her own.

Derek is an aimless wanderer – the youngest in a lineage that has long fallen from nobility. He finds himself summoned by tradition to serve a family historically considered his bitter enemy. As he journeys down the same path a fateful ancestor once traveled, he struggles with personal demons and begins to reconsider his loyalty to the mission.

Duke Lenn found one true cause in love and it cost him everything. His legacy shaped the present in which Chandra and Derek find themselves. Now their choice will shape the future of Kensrik…

The Gift-Knight’s Quest is set in a new and vividly imagined world, written with delicate prose that will allow the reader to explore their imagination. Inspired by authors such as Michael Moorcock, J. G. Ballard and Roger Zelazny, it will appeal to fans of fantasy and historical fiction.

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About the Author


Dylan Madeley is a Torontonian currently working out of a headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario. He is the copy editor of and a frequent contributor to Auxiliary Magazine, an alternative fashion and music zine. His junior copy editors are two chinchillas named Basil and Liam. His first published novel, The Gift-Knight’s Quest, is slated for a spring 2015 release.