Promotional Services

Add Your Commercial to Our Radio Show -$25.00 (Click text to reserve)

Add your commercial for your book, product or service to our weekly radio shows. Currently our shows air 3 times a week and our listenership consist of women and men who read. Commercials run for 90-120 days on our network

Grow My Instagram and Help Me Reach New Readers In My Genre! – $75.00 (Click text to reserve)

We can help you reach more readers who in return will be exposed and interested in purchasing your book(s). This contract has a three month minimum. References upon request.

·         Insights from your Instagram Account

·         100%  organic growth of your Instagram Account- No fake Accounts

·         Noticeable results within the first week guaranteed


Sponsored Post -$25.00 (Click text to reserve.)

Promote your flyer with us!  Have an upcoming book signing? Are your books on sale for the holidays? Or would you just like to announce a special award that you received. We will help you spread the word on our Facebook, Instagram, newsletter, website and Twitter. Sponsored Post are ran up to 30 – days with one post on each platform five times. Insights are collected and delivered to you at the end of your promotional period.

Sidebar Promo- $25 (Click text to reserve.)

Add your book cover and link to your book to our sidebar for just $25.00 for an entire month.  The link can be to you amazon listing, book trailer of website.

Author On A Budget – Article/Interview Feature -$55   (Click text to reserve.)

Promote your new release to a reader database of over 15,000 subscribed members with an article/interview combo; this promotion includes a book review, social media blast and product link to the website of your choice.  A good way to inform readers of your new release, inserting your social media websites within this promotion is also suggested.

Sample Article Interview Feature:

Sample Article Interview Feature:

Author On A BUDGET –  Literary Feature -$15.00 (Click Text to reserve.)

Sample Literary Feature:

Sample Literary Feature:

Press Release Creation (Click link to Purchase)

A professional writer will craft a well-written press release announcing the launch of your product, ready for distribution to the media.

Press releases can be great promotional tools not only for the release of new works, but to announce other types of significant news, such as the achievement of awards and other accolades.

Media Kit/Press Kit or EPK Creation (Click link to Purchase)


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