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In this podcast you will learn the elements of the book media kit and how to prepare one with a press release. A sample media kit to guide you in your creation is included with this purchase. This audiobook will explain how to create a book media kit, what programs to use and how to use it to approach book buyers and the media. This is the same process I used to secure media for my publishing company.

About the Author
Tiah Short, better known as DC Bookdiva, is the president and CEO of DC Bookdiva Publications.  Her publication company is home to some of the best authors in the urban lit genre.  Her author Dutch’s book Dynasty, her first national best seller, was nominated for best street fiction of the year in 2010.  Her author Eyone Williams won male author of the year for 2012.  With over thirty titles under her company, DC Bookdiva is one of the most successful indie publishers of her kind.  She is also the founder of the very popular Urban Literary Review ( and online talk show and promotional company dedicated to writers.  Urban Literary Review has constantly spotlighted what is new, innovative, and important in the literary world and assisted many in the successful launch of their literary careers. DC Bookdiva’s mobile book store is the top of the food chain in Washington, D.C., and has been servicing the area for twelve years.  As a result of hard work and dedication her mobile book store was voted the 2013 Independent Bookstore of the Year. In 2015, DC Bookdiva Publications was nominated for Independent Publisher of the Year. DC Bookdiva Publications is one of the first African- American publishing companies to enter the audiobook market and the translation market with multiple titles forthcoming in other languages.


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  1. Hi I would like tips on how to make sure my book is up to par as well as up to consumer standards to be a good read as well as a great author whom will not end up a one hit wonder so to speak.

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