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ULR Feature: The Adventure of the Notable Bachelorette – A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland


Available on Kindle and in Paperback!   

A blue-blooded snobbish English lord come to 221B Baker Street. His much younger wife, a beautiful, independent American, has vanished and he knows she has been kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes has to find her.

Three days later a terrible crime take place and the wife is accused of it. Now she seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes.

Neither husband nor wife are paragons of Victorian virtue.

So who did it? Was it the wife? The mistress? The younger brother?

Set in Victorian London and using the themes and characters familiar to Sherlock Holmes fans, this mystery will keep readers guess and trying to follow the clues that Sherlock discovers. It is modeled on the original story, The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor

Available on Kindle and in Paperback!

Book Review

“Craig Stephen Copland’s newest book, The Adventure of the Notable Bachelorette is a fun read, full of intrigue, deception and mystery. Sherlock Holmes was ready to chase pompous Lord St. Simon out of his office until the pretentious English lord convinces him that his beautiful American wife has been kidnapped. Never one to ignore a challenge, Holmes and Dr. Watson begin their search only to be met by an odd turn of events when newly accused Lady St. Simon seeks their help instead. Despite the scandalous reputations of both the lord and lady, Holmes feels compelled to solve this mystery. I love the timeframe and setting of Victorian England, and the familiar characters of Sherlock Holmes classics. Mr. Copland has once again kept my attention throughout this book. “- Amazon Review