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Written by Wesley “Godfather” Hunter


I met this man in the darkest of circumstances, yet, I assure you, even then, the light of Stone Ramsey shined brightly, as you can not dim that which comes from within. Intelligent, charismatic, and keen of thought, are all words which only BEGIN to describe this brother. Author/publisher/director/manager/producer, etc. With roots stemming from the rap industry, even after 16 years of incarceration, this brother is a blossoming powerhouse of ingenuity on the move, and trust me when I tell you that if you think he can’t do it, he will definitely prove you wrong.
When I first met Stone, we were just two inmates on a prison tier. He was in the back of the tier, I was in the front. He was from Oakland, I was from L.A. We had nothing in common, but the fact that we were both trapped in a cage in segregation. Dingy lighting, stale air, trapped and controlled like a beast. Someone told me that Stone wrote books, but I’d heard it all before, and truly wasn’t that impressed. After all, I was a published author myself, so why would I be? As time went on, he heard about me, and suddenly a bond was formed.

Stone and I were two men from opposing worlds, but quickly found a commonality. After all, men respect men, steel sharpens steel, and minds detect minds. Almost instantly, Stone and I connected and began to exchange positive energy and thoughts. Our bond growing beyond a cage. Our sharing of wisdoms and resources, far beyond a bag of chips or a shot of coffee. Odd as it may seem to some, over time I would go on to count this man amongst my super-limited list of friends, and can tell you, he is one of only two dudes I continue to keep in touch with, after having met on a prison yard. But, enough about me. This is about Stone.

Author Stone Ramsey, is an Oakland native and the renowned producer of ‘International Blunt Funk’ which is the Bay Area’s version of ‘The Chronic’. Having dropped in 1997, it is a compilation album of all of the hot hiphop artists of its time, including Richie Rich, Keak Da Sneak (of 3x’s Crazy), JT The Bigga Figga, Swoop G (Of Murder Was The Case soundtrack fame), etc. After having been released, in Sept. 2013, Stone Ramsey, has been heavy in the studio, and pushing hard at dropping International Blunt Funk, Vol.2, which is now set to be released in Feb. 2015, and will include such Bay Area notables as Mistah Fab, Philthy Rich, Keak Da Sneak, Too Short, DB Da General, Lorenzo Lamar, etc. Stone has also just released his debut novel, under his own Ramsey Publishing Group. ‘Yadadamean Bay Bizness’ is a joint effort, featuring rap artist Keak Da Sneak, with a foreward by Big Tray Deee (of Da Eastsidaz). Having read the book twice, I can promise you that this is a hot, true-to-life tale of urban love, thug passion, and music industry enlightenment.
An active member of United Distribution, a youth outreach counselor, non-profit organization project coordinator, author, publisher, manager, promoter, music producer, husband, father, son and man on the move. Hell, just call him Boss! And, do know, that I am only giving you the basics. This man knows EVERYONE, and is right there at the beating heart of it all. Yeah, and he’s only just getting started!

A good dude, who’s always spoken with a content and positive spirit. I tell you, when you’ve known a man at his worst, and witnessed him in his darkest hour, it brings nothing but pure joy to witness him emerge into the light of his destiny. And I know he wishes, for me the same. A man I proudly call a trusted friend, here now, is Stone Ramsey:






Who Is Treasure E. Blue?

Treasure Blue

1.Many assume they know the author based on the book. Yet, tell us who is Treasure Blue, the person?
A: That is a kind of/sort of correct answer because my writing is a reflection of me. I came to the conclusion years ago, we talking as far back as 30 years, before I even knew or wanted to become a writer, that I can only write what I know, what’s inside me. I give it up, even if it’s dark secrets. I’m not ashamed

2.What and who inspired you to become an author?
A: What inspired me I’ve said it many times in the past, my love for words and a need to regurgitate toxic pain and anger from within.

3.How difficult was it for you to enter the literary field?
A: It was actually a natural progression. I was a screenwriter prior to writing novels, and won several awards in the process. Even in college, I won essayist of the month and things like that. My gift goes way back, plus the fact that I was a lover of books. Had to be, my mother was a school teacher. LOL.

4.Is it what you expected?
A: When you write for the love and for the craft, there are NEVER any downsides to it. It is only when authors write for other motives such as fame or future will they always be disappointed. I just wanted people to read my work; everything else was a plus and a gift.

5.Where do you get your story ideas from and what’s the process?
A: I always have and feel I always will continue to genesis all stories from what I know and build on that. I have a great imagination and think during the process the “WHAT IF THIS HAPPENED” and kick around different mind blowing ideas, with the readers in mind, that they would NEVER see coming. That’s the art of storytelling.

6.In 3 years, where do you see yourself at?
A: Writing….. Period! Whatever beyond that is going to be, I don’t force anything. So when any other grand opportunity comes along, I’m prepared.

7. What type of music do you listen to?
A: Majority of the time 90’s music. That seems to be my theme. I still play my 60’s 70’s & 80’s jams. That’s just me.

8. Where are you from?
A: Harlem Stand Up!

9. As a professional, you have to put your personal views and feelings to the side for the sake of business?
A: I’m not that type to be controlled in my opinion of views…I’m a artist first for Christ sakes. We are supposed to voice our pure and unadulterated feelings, right or wrong. I have little need to be politically correct.

10. What genres do you write in and do you have ambitions to dabble in other ones?
A: I don’t fancy that term genre too much, but Yes, I do dabble in other genres, I put out and released Urban Lit, Chick Lit, and Erotica.

11.How can we find your titles and future book signings?
A:Treasure Blue novels are everywhere, bookstores, online and in local libraries, so I’m available with little problem if you want to check me out. I probably, since the digital era, only travel about a half dozen times to events and signing.

Thanks bro.

I thank you more for giving me a minute this morning. We were up with the sun making it do what it do.

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The Circle Rain's Story

Writing Until My Casket Drops w/ Cash

Author CA$H has been around for a while now. I became familiar with him last December when I read Trust No Man. I was drawn in from beginning to end. I instantly became a fan of his work. When the opportunity came about to interview CA$H I jumped at the chance.wpid-received_m_mid_1397086220081_6b1ff3530fa1e72237_1.jpeg

Cash was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but lived most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia. He decided to start writing fiction while incarcerated at a state prison in Georgia. His style is gritty, raw, and real. Even from the depths of confinement he has an imagination that’s in overdrive. His debut novel Trust No Man was released under the Wahida Clark Presents imprint in 2009, and the Trust No Man trilogy went on to reach hood classic status. It remains one of the most respected street novels in the industry. Trust No Man 1, 2&3 and Bonded by Blood were all highly acclaimed releases by Cash under Wahida Clark Publishing.
Since breaking on the scene with WCP, Cash has since formed his own publishing company Lock Down Publications. Under LDP the author’s star has shined brighter than ever with critically acclaimed novels such as A Dirty South Love, Shorty Got a Thug, Trust No Bitch 1&2, and Thugs Cry 1&2.

Cash is presently in his 22nd year of incarceration but he remains strong and he strives to teach through the power of his pen.

“I write what has been termed ‘fictional realism’. I give it to my readers raw and uncut, just like it goes down in everyday life. I feel a responsibly to keep it one hundred. I don’t write fairy-tales, and it’s never my mission to simply entertain the readers, I write with a message. “Therefore, sometimes you’ll need a box of tissue when you read my novels,” he says without apology.

“Other times I’ll make you rejoice over the way certain characters persevere. But you’ll never be left feeling indifferent about my books,” he promises.

From within his cell he writes to change his legacy to one that his loved ones can be proud of. “I want them to know that my desire to rise above the circumstances cannot be suffocated.”

I present to some and introduce to others, Author CA$h.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Atlanta as a teenager.

I answered the call of the streets which led to a long imprisonment that is ongoing.

I write from the perspective of having lived the life that I write about and from having paid the severe cost.


When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?

I guess I’ve always been a writer because going back to my early years in school I used to win writing contests. Once I took to the streets I didn’t pursue that passion because I was too caught up in the game.

Once I was incarcerated in 1991 I picked my pen back up and began writing about the streets that had spelled my doom.

My first book Trust No Man was published in 2007, and then later republished under Wahida Clark publishing in 2009.


How did you choose the genre you write in?

That was predestined because it’s my belief that you write best about whatever it is you know and love.

So I chose to write streetlit because the way I lived epitomized the genre.


Do you ever experience writer’s block? How do you deal with it?. Yeah all writers do at some point.

I write my books from cover to cover, meaning I write the chapters in sequence.

If I get stuck on a certain chapter and can’t move on for a while.

I’ll just write a scene that I already know I’ll need later in the book. That usually unclogs the block for me.


Can you tell us about your challenges (if any) in getting your first book published?

Man, back in the day I used to send manuscripts to major publishing houses and never get a response.

But I wasn’t tripping because at the time, although I was locked up. I was still dedicated to pushing that work so the book thing was secondary. Once I decided to leave the illegal money alone and dedicated myself to becoming a published author doors opened for me.


Is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you would change?

Nah, because my first novel Trust No Man, when it was selfpublished was raw and gritty, straight from the block.

It caught the attention of Wahida Clark and as they say, the rest would make a great movie.


Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

My upcoming projects are this friendly challenge I’m engaged in with author Aaron Bebo.

On April 18th we both will release separate books titled Til My Casket Drops.

And the fans will decide who is the hottest. It’s a friendly battle that will make literary history.

Then, in late June I will release the highly anticipated Thugs Cry 3 (Only One Can Wear The Crown


Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?My advice is that they study the craft and use unbiased test readers and a helluva developmentaleditor before self-publishing. Because readers remember you most from how you step into the ring.








Sheri Henry-Harrigan started writing at the age of twelve as an outlet for depression. In March 2012 her first project Tales of the Broken Hearted was published. Since then she has penned several titles. She started writing strictly urban fiction. Her most recent work, The Imperfect Love Series is more geared toward the romance genre. As she continues on with her writing career, she plans to move into the crime fiction and thriller genres. Besides writing she is pursuing her other passion of becoming a lawyer. Sheri lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.