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ULR Feature: Libby Redribbon and the Dance Recital by Julie Astier



Libby loves her dance class. Until she discovers that cartwheels are going to be part of the big recital. The upside down and round and round make her nervous. What if she lands on her head? What if she twists her ankle? Or worse, what if she isn’t good at it?
Libby considers the unthinkable. Quitting her dance lessons! Libby confides in her friend Aurora who is quick to offer help. But can Libby conquer the cartwheel in time?


ULR Feature: Trankarri: The Boy with a Magical Pen by Christopher Dean



When talented young artist Nathaniel Hancock receives a new drawing pen for Christmas, he promises his great-grandfather that he’ll prepare him a Masterpiece for the following year. But Nathaniel is naive for the Pen is magical-and as he makes his finishing touches, the Masterpiece comes to life before his very eyes. After entering the drawing, he discovers that he’s added new territory to the enchanted land that lies beyond: the Inkworld, a pen-and-ink realm where reality is limited only by the artist’s imagination. After Nathaniel rescues the drawing of an elf from a deadly prison, he realizes the Inkworld is far more complex than he ever imagined. For dark forces lurk beneath the idyllic surface. In saving the elf, Nathaniel accidentally unleashes an ancient evil that threatens to destroy all that’s good in the Inkworld… And it’s up to him to set things right…

About the Author

Christopher Dean spent the majority of his career operating a landscape business in Austin, TX. While in the field with 105 degree summers, stories of far-off lands kept his mind occupied and in his spare time he dedicated himself to the art of writing.

In 2010 he graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature and started writing his first novel for children, Trankarri. Five years later it is now published and doing well on the market with its follow up coming in 2016. He lives with his wife and three kids in Austin, TX.

For a full Bio please visit trankarri.com

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ULR Feature: FORCED ABSENCE: A Story About Children Of Divorce, Child Support, Custody & Parental Alienation Wars


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Imagine waking up one Saturday morning to the sound of loud banging at your door. You call out to your wife, “Sweetie, answer the door!” But your spouse and the kids are gone. The knocks keep coming. You open the door and see two burly Sheriff’s Deputies at your door who inform you that your spouse has filed a Protection From Abuse order against you and that you’ve got twenty minutes to get your things out of the house and vacate the premises.

You are dumbfounded because you never had a fight with her and violence was never part of the equation for you. You argue that there must be a mistake, but your pleas fall on deaf ears. You realize numbly that, to them, you sound just like the brutes who actually do abuse the ones they love.

You get dressed, grab a few things, and frantically make some calls as you watch the Deputies install padlocks on your doors. Eventually you leave and drive to your parents’ house, hoping that you’ll be back home in a couple of days after the matter has been resolved. Unbeknownst to you, you will never step foot in your home again. The truth is, your spouse has a new love in her life and used a PFA order to get rid of you and move the lover in. Your wife’s new lover is now your children’s new daddy.

Welcome to the life of Tim Olson. Tim was a victim of this scenario, except that Tim wasn’t the husband . . . he was the child. when Tim’s mother accused his father of abuse that never happened, she drove Tim’s father into financial and emotional ruin. When Tim grew up and learned the truth, he didn’t just get mad he got even, with tragic results.

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Through interviews with actual litigants, mental health professionals, lawyers, and victims, we learn about the undercurrent of post-nuptial turmoil now boiling over in family courts across the country in the form of child custody and visitation battles, false allegations of abuse, corrupt judges, and unaffordable child support awards. The system is broken and the results it has on the families who go through it is devastating. The laws of various jurisdictions in the United States encourage and reward greed while discouraging civility and co-parenting. The same is true to some extent in England, Canada, Germany, Spain, Argentina and several countries across the globe.

Forced Absence is a story of love and hatred, greed and vengeance, and the effects of a corrupt and inefficient family court system which is being exploited by husbands, wives, and live-in partners seeking to destroy one another. This documentary is an assembly of capsulized true events in the lives of several victims. To the extent possible, the participants are the actual individuals involved. To protect the innocent and their privacy, some re-enactments and technical changes were incorporated.
This book, which is written in a screenplay format, is a derivative of the feature motion picture.


About the Author

Pius A. Uzamere is a writer-producer-director whose passion is, advancing the course of justice by fighting for those unable to fight, and speaking for those whose voices are being squelched.
This is why he spent more than a dozen years working on the plight of non custodial parents and their children.
In his spare time, he loves to watch his favorite major league baseball teams play.

For additional information about the issues addressed in Forced Absence please visit:
ForcedAbsence.com. To volunteer to help spread the word about this project, please send an email to: vecpau@gmail.com


ULR Feature: Questionable Autism by Susan Louise Peterson




The book Questionable Autism is focused on opening discussions about a variety of autism topics.
Looking at professional, parenting, research and testing issues numerous questions are developed to consider the broad impact of autism topics for both parents and professionals.

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Susan Louise Peterson, an award winning autism author weaves her experiences as an educator and school psychologist for young children into a discussion of some of the major issues impacting the field of autism.


Susan Louise Peterson has taken an incredible journey into the public schools and worked in the tough inner city public schools of Las Vegas, Nevada for twenty years as a teacher and later as a school psychologist. Her experiences include teaching and assessing students in at-risk situations from preschool to high school. Working in a large inner city high school of Las Vegas, Susan has seen teens with a variety of issues and personal struggles. Her work has included making thousands of home visits in the inner city housing projects of Las Vegas and conducting hundreds of parent meetings to encourage parents to help their children succeed.

When Susan first started teaching, she had only briefly heard the word ‘autism’, but this soon changed. Later, her interests lead to becoming a school psychologist at a school diagnostic center working with early childhood students displaying developmental delays and autism concerns. Susan has conducted over a thousand multidisciplinary team assessments for children while working alongside speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school nurses, vision/hearing specialists, special education teachers, regular education teachers and parents. During this process, Susan realized that professionals can have different perspectives and varying opinions about autism and developmental delays. As well, Susan has seen parents struggle with questions of autism and delays from information they received from professionals with varying training experiences. Susan has been honored to receive numerous national awards for improving educational practice including being named to the Practitioners Hall of Fame by NOVA University. Susan enjoys writing in areas of education, child behavior and research with publications of more than ten books. Susan has won numerous writing awards including the 2014 eLit Gold Award in the (Parenting/Child Care & Family) category, the 2014 West Mountain Reader Views Regional Book Award and was the 2013 Global Ebook Silver Winner in the Education category. 

Questionable Autism includes many real world examples related to parenting topics, field issues and general practices in the area of autism.

Questionable Autism has opened the door for broader discussions in the field of autism.

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