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Author Spotlight: Meet Clever Black


About The Author

Clever Black was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in March of 1973. He and his immediate family left New Orleans on August 28, 2005 to escape hurricane Katrina and they never returned to the city. Clever Black and his family now call Charlotte, North Carolina home. “The ninth ward, for me was a place of happiness, sorrow, despair, hopelessness, love, success and tragedy.

I learned so much in just that small piece of real estate. I learned to deal with life’s problems head on. I learned to love and care for others. I’ve witnessed so many of my friends and peers perish on the streets, that the most powerful lesson I’ve learned was not to succumb to the attitude that ‘it won’t happen to me’.

I have a deep appreciation for life and through writing, I release a lot of the penned-up emotions that have been with me since my teen years. I look at all that’s going on the world and I feel sorry for all the people I knew personally that were murdered on the streets of New Orleans. I wonder what they would’ve become. I, too, was a child of the streets, but I, by the grace of God survived those dramatic, and confusing times. I grew wiser over the years and now I have goals and dreams that are getting ever closer and more attainable. Unlike in the past, I now have hope.” Clever Black.

Clever Black Books, LLC’s goal is to deliver a thought-proving read to all who are interested in this epic family saga that exposes and expresses many a life’s experiences—the American experience. The Holland Family Saga is America at its best and its worst. It is a sweeping and epic family saga filled with drama, violence, deep-dialogue and deadly alliances. And that’s just scraping surface. I implore all who are curious, or interested, to at least have a look and see what The Holland Family Saga encompasses.

ImageAbout The Book

They Don’t Mind Dying…Those who reside there already know the saying. To everyone else—welcome to New Orleans—to be more specific—welcome to the Ninth Ward. They Don’t Mind Dying is an intense psychological thriller that chronicles in explicit detail, the inner workings of an inner city drug organization from its violent rise to power on through to its ultimate demise.
Forced out of his home and onto the streets by his aunt at the age of fifteen, Ben Holland meets two youths, Manny and Oscar, who would change his life forever when they introduce him to a life of crime. They Don’t Mind Dying tells the story of Ben Holland and how he and his friends rose to the top of the drug game and the violent lifestyle the gang’s members had become accustomed to. When events within the organization begin to unravel the gang’s solidarity, however, no amount of money in their possession, nor the police on the crew’s payroll, could stop the wheels of retribution from rolling in their direction. Ben Holland and his crew fight to remain atop the city’s drug trade, but the price of success is starting to exceed the effort; retirement is looking more and more appealing. Can Ben Holland and his crew stay alive long enough to exit the game? Or will fate have a say so in matters?
They Don’t Mind Dying is the first installment in The Holland Family Saga, a saga that will chronicle the Holland Family’s history along with the people who would shape their lives over many years. Starting with They Don’t Mind Dying, the creed in which Ben Holland and his cohorts live by throughout their violent reign, and traversing forward, the saga will reveal over time, the Holland Family’s struggles, injustices and inner demons as their lives come full circle and many secrets are revealed. The Holland Family Saga is more than fiction…It is real life in print.

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The Holland Family Saga Part One: They Don’t Mind Dying


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