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ULR Feature: Planning Your Corporate Escape Early Retirement & Financial Independence Guide: Quit Your Job 10 Years or Less


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Retiring at the age of 30 and 40 is becoming popular as more people realize working should be optional. If you desire to spend your life doing other activities or hobbies, the planning your corporate escape series guides will help you achieve your goal to become financially independence. This is the first book part of a series of 5 books guiding you in planning your escape. The financial theory can be applied to families or individuals seeking to achieve financial independence. Challenging the conventional theory in our society that you have to work until the age of 65-80. You can apply these same strategies as I and many other escapee have to achieve your dream.


Recession proof your finances with these easy to use escape plan.
Retiring at the age of 40 and sharing the strategies and escape plans I and many others early retiree/financial independence use.
Planning Your Corporate Escape Book series are packed with over 20 escape plans to guide you to achieve your goal of financial independence.

Book Review

“If only I had read this book before I pursued my career in corporate america. I would have developed a different mindset towards retirement and been more aggressive in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. After reading this book at the age of 33, I am happy to know that I still have time to achieve my dream of being more financially independent. I am very optimistic about retiring earlier than 65 thanks to the valuable information provided in this book. Highly recommended.” – Amazon Reviewer


ULR Feature: Become Rich On Main Street: Build Your Own Economy


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beome rich on main street

In “Become Rich on Main Street: Build Your Own Economy,” author Rick Pierce presents an exciting new personal finance paradigm. His innovative strategies are designed to put you back in control of your money and financial destiny, despite tough times. Pierce teaches how to break free of restrictive economic forces and empower yourself with a proven, proactive plan.

Many citizens feel that the American Dream is a myth. The Great Recession harshly redefined how we must think about earning, budgeting, and saving. But instead of giving armchair advice or repackaging outdated formulas that don’t work in today’s real world, Pierce presents clear, practical solutions that he successfully put to the test in his own life. He recently overcame the challenge of crushing debt and emerged with sustainable financial independence. The transformation inspired him to “pay it forward” by sharing his methods with others in this timely book.

With step-by-step clarity, Pierce shows how to:

• Put into action a hands-on playbook of proven psychological techniques that give you a fresh mindset geared toward positive changes in your financial habits.

• Pay yourself first. Know where every penny goes. Cut your expenses. Drastically reduce your overhead in realistic ways that won’t feel like painful austerity.

• Establish personal insurance with a Murphy’s Law Fund and Emergency Fund to cover unexpected expenses and weather unforeseen life events.

• Follow a roadmap that takes you from the depths of stressful debt to rewarding financial freedom, with easy-to-follow diagrams and real-life statistics.

• Become a moneymaking cash saver who retains more of each dollar and reinvests it to steadily accelerate wealth.

• Set up a personal economy with active income streams through career development, moonlighting, and starting a business.

• Launch your own “You, Inc.” to create passive income 24/7 with multiple revenue streams that spawn their own cash-generating platforms.

• Make your money work so you don’t have to, by making the right investment choices, so that you can achieve complete financial freedom in 10 years or less.

Opportunity is knocking. Don’t gamble your family’s future by putting your piece of the American Dream back on the shelf. Read this book now and set yourself financially free. Start experiencing the wealth and prosperity you deserve, today!



About the Author



Rick Pierce was a stockbroker at the age of nineteen, earned two degrees from Wayne State University (Business Administration and Computer Science), and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. Rick has also been a program manager, project manager, and systems architect. He has owned several businesses in his life, creating them from the ground up, inspiring him to write “Become Rich on Main Street: Build Your Own Economy.” Currently living in Laguna Hills, CA, Rick continues to inspire and to educate others to create their own financial success story.