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Written by Wesley “Godfather” Hunter


Do you know what to do? Do you have a plan? Where will you turn?


Making the difficult decisions about end of life and/or elder care can be entirely overwhelming. No one wants to be forgotten, yet, oddly, sometimes, dare I say, MANY times, we tend to forget, or be less than properly attentive to, those who gave us life, guided our purpose, helped us dream, and showed us the way. Many times, life takes us in so many directions, so quickly, until, suddenly, we are left to wonder just where did the time go. Into this void comes the caregiver.

The same as you sometimes find yourself in need of someone to help watch over your young, as life takes hold, limited time and/or the need for medical attention/supervision may require you to make qualified decisions about the care of the elderly in your circle. Beyond just storing them away in some old folks home, and leaving them as if they don’t exist, you want to find care that reflects your love for them. And, in seeking such care, it can sometimes be a maze. This is why, Haley Lynn Gray, took the time to spell it out and walk you through, in her book CHOOSING A CAREGIVER: Expect the best and know how to ask for it.

You see, Haley, speaks from the experience of having found herself in this exact same situation: seeking care, giving care; overwhelmed, and often times at her wits’ end. Yet,  in taking care of her own mom and dad, an idea was born. Haley decided to help bring the same such quality care to others, and, so, she launched Extention of You Home Care, inc. In Raleigh-Durham, NC and then penned her helpful guide to help simular such situated families in need of advice. So, don’t be stressed. Just relax. Your helping hand is here.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get the answers to your questions.

A caring heart with an open hand. Please, meet Haley Lynn Gray:




Is this the first book you’ve written?  Yes


What made you write this book?  My experience with my parents- seeing that there was so much variation from one agency to the next, and the amount of oversight that most provided was truly inadequate.  I saw an opportunity to help a lot of people.


What do you hope people will take from your book?  That if they are choosing home care, that they have choices, and should not just take the first agency that comes along.


Who is your book targeted to? Who’s your intended audience?  It is targeted to the daughters of people who need care, because they are the decision makers.


How long is the book? 86 pages


Is there any unique information/resources in the book?  There is a lot of information on choosing a caregiver when using an agency, and also what to look for.


 How long did it take you to write this book?  About 5 months.


Give an example of one of the troubles your book will help to provide a solution for?  I found that many people have no idea that caregivers are supposed to be W-2, or that paper timecards are not the best route.  I hope to educate people on what they should expect from a quality caregiver, and from the agency.


 Share a little bit about Extention of You Home Care, inc.


Our Home Care Company

The Beginnings

Extension of You Home Care was started by our two founders Haley Gray and Christine Schoaff.  This company evolved from Haley’s experience of caring  for both of her parents simultaneously, while caring for four small children, and working a full-time job. Some of the caregivers that worked with her parents were fantastic.  Some of them were not.  Some of them outright neglected Haley’s father, who had dementia and Parkinson’s, leaving him sitting in soiled diapers for hours and leaving him alone while they were on duty.

Gathering Information

Haley spent hours talking to the best caregivers trying to understand what motivated them.  It became clear that most of them consider this line of work to be a calling. The question became, “how do we attract and retain the industry’s best and most caring caregivers?”  Haley and Christine surveyed a number of caregivers and other personnel in the industry to understand what was important to them.  Then they set about to start a company that provided those things most important to the caregivers—including better pay, a 401K, and paid time off.  No other home care company or agency that we know of currently offers all of these to their employees.

Developing a Plan

From the client side of the equation, Haley interviewed a number of other clients, as well as geriatric care managers, pharmacists, and others to ask them to help her define best practice in the industry.  By consolidating their suggestions, Haley put together a business plan as part of her’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration at Duke. They had the basis of the their home care company.

The company uses technology where it is appropriate. For instance, the Extension of You billing system only bills the hours that a caregiver is actually works, not a block of hours. We also use a variety of low-tech approaches to care giving, such as better access to supervisors and care managers , unannounced supervisory visits, and a notebook sharing system so that caregivers and family can communicate with one another about the state of their loved ones.

We aim to provide better care for our clients, by providing a better work environment and conditions for our employees.  Quite simply, it’s a win-win.

We have an amazing team of caregivers and managers in this business.  Everyone’s first priority is customer safety and satisfaction.  We aim to be an Extension Of You—to take care of your loved one the way that you would.  We want to make sure that Your Standards Are Realized.

Give us a call today at (919) 629-2044, for a free, no-obligation assessment.  We’ll tell you what we can do for you, take the time to inform you about available choices, and answer any other questions you may have.  It’s our promise to you.  We will help you get the best information and trusted care available.



Is there anything else you would like to add? Nope.


Where can your book be found?  Amazon


How can you be reached? haley@theextensionofyou.com (919)629-2044