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ULR Feature: Infidelity: A Man’s Inheritance By Katie Ploum

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A natural magnet for male attention, men have always found her charming and irresistible on sight.  Now living in New York, Anna spends her free time navigating the city’s lively social scene.  Warned early on about the shallowness of the attractive, successful and ambitious New York man and the emotionless attachments he seeks, Anna had welcomed the challenge of finding a good man with confidence and determination that for her, things would be different.  Nights spent in meaningless banter, countless encounters with deceit and a broken heart have left Anna discouraged and confused.  No longer filled with confidence but rather overcome with self-doubt, she is forced to reflect on her experiences and take a closer look at herself.

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About the Author


Katie Ploum is a best-selling author in Greece. She studied at Kings College London and took residence in the UK after completing her studies. For several years, the hectic pace of London’s financial service industry became Katie’s full-time involvement. Parallel to being active in the hustle and bustle of the City’s thirst for money and power, Katie nevertheless maintained a keen interest in observing human interrelationships on a more personal level. It was only a matter of time before the creation of stories like these became her true calling.

Once a socialite in trendy West End and Athenian circles, Katie began to see through the façade of the emotionless relationships that women inherently encountered in these competitive environments. Her books touch on these compelling relationships and the attitudes that predefined them.

Katie has appeared on Greek television and has written on topics ranging from the challenges of modern women in their careers and relationships to  the disparity of gender compensation and traditional societal expectations.