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ULR Feature: The Curse Of The Golden Coins by Kaye Pascal



Treasure. Curse. Adventure. 1865. Some legends aren’t meant to stay buried. Some myths have a life of their own. In a cave, Del discovers a chest of gold coins. He thinks it is a long forgotten treasure. Soon he discovers his treasure is a curse. He must face a sinister spirit and a vengeful enemy. With the help of Sawyer and Willow, he embarks on a journey where magic meets myth. He must break the curse before he becomes its next victim.

Book Review

“I think most of the books that get released today are focused on the future or romantic side of life, and this is why I really appreciate a book that takes me back to an adventurous time in the past, where magic and mystery are the definition of reality. This book really took me back into the past, managing to create a wonderful setting and to build an unique adventure of treasure hunt and curses and mysterious happenings. With a twist of magic and one of adventure, Del, the main character is the one revealing to the reader the magical world of 1865. A very interesting and captivating read, the kind of adventure quest that I enjoy reading.” – Amazon Reviewer

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About the Author

Kaye Pascal is an author from Arkansas. She enjoys historical re-enacting and is an avid reader or many genres. The Curse of the Golden Coins is her debut novel.