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ULR Feature: The Book of Barkley by L.B. Johnson

Amazon Best Seller The Book of Barkley by L.B. Johnson – the book that Kirkus Reviews Magazine exclaimed —“An unusually full-bodied love story that will wrap itself around the heart of anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience life with a dog”.

It’s a warm-hearted memoir of growing up and coming to age with the help of a beloved pet. All sales proceeds donated to animal rescue and search dog foundations.





It is a story, not one of science, and one that may not be remembered past this one lifetime. It is the story of someone that did not know his destiny, but followed it with unfaltering step, bound to his human companion, not by vows or paper, but in the name of the trust that was the best part of his nature. It is a story of the one that taught her to love, even as he occasionally barfed on the carpet. It is the tale of a black Lab named Barkley. It begins in the 1960’s as the author is growing up—dogs becoming part of the family.  But it is only after many years of living alone following heartbreak; that Barkley finds his way to Ms. Johnson, and she begins to view the world as he does—and learns to love again.

It is a story of family, of friends, dog hair and a small pink ball with feet known as Mr. Squeaky that became her mortal enemy at dawn.  It is the story of rambunctious trespasses and the loving trust that bound a lonely road warrior and a dog together in unspoken understanding.

The Book of Barkley is a memoir and a tribute that will resonate with everyone who has ever loved and lost a a dog.  Honest, transcendent, and beautifully written The Book of Barkley is a love story that will enrich every animal lover’s library.

 Book Review

Five Stars.  “Stories about great pets abound, yet there is always room for one more.  The Book of Barkley holds its own in this genre.  The give and take between delightful doggy antics retold and the author’s musings, often lyrical and heartbreaking, strikes a satisfying counterbalance.  Like all animal lovers, Johnson realized many life lessons with Barkley as her companion, not the least of which that home is in the heart.” –San Francisco Book Review

“Warmhearted and delightful, The Book of Barkley is a joy to read, highly recommended.” –Midwest Book Review Magazine

About the Author



LB Johnson grew up out West where she received a doctorate in a law enforcement related field, in which she now works (a subject that will have to wait until retirement). She lives in Chicago with her husband and rescue dog Abby. When she’s not writing, she’s usually found in a metal or wood shop at home making something so that people can say “Is it supposed to look like that?”

The Book of Barkley is her first book, a memoir.