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ULR Feature: Sex, Lies, And A Charter School: The Misappropriation of Your Tax Dollars by Dikombi Gite


Available on Kindle and Paperback!

Sex, Lies and Scandal. Oh My! Did that actually happen in the teachers’ lounge? Not to mention the mishandling of school funds! What should have been a liberating teaching experience turned out to be a journey of a different sort. Jacoby White left corporate America to make a difference by teaching and mentoring inner-city youth at a charter school. Little did he know that he would be the one taught an invaluable lesson!

Attention! This is not the book for you if:

*You are looking for a feel good story!
*You believe that the education system is fine!
*You do not care about the future of our country!
*You do not mind your tax dollars going to waste!

Available on Kindle and Paperback!

“Everyone whether their children are in a charter school, considering a charter school, or have children in a public school district should read this. Having worked in a school district and in a charter environment I can tell you these things do happen more often than you think. The education system has more problems than simply a need for more money. There is misappropriation of funds every where, there is nepotism every where. Our children deserve better. This particular charter claims to serve the under served, their schools are strategically located in low income neighborhoods and for years they have been touted as the charter example that other charters should follow. The school in this book has been in existence since 2007, it began as a low performing school and even though most of the people in this story have moved on and there is new staff it is still a low performing school. It’s sister school opened at the same time that is mentioned in this book is the same. The stories in this book are true. Read the book!” – Amazon Reviewer

Available on Kindle and Paperback!