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ULR Feature: A Party When The Wolves Come Home by Pamela A Goodwin



Stanley was a man suffering from the loss of his pregnant wife. He choose drinking as a solution to forgetting his pain. Tired of dealing with him and his drunkenness, his sister Tammy forces him to seek help from a doctor. When he first meets the doctor, Stanley is aware that something is not right with the man. How he smiles, the way he stands, even the way he talks makes Stanley afraid of him. Going along with his sister’s advice, he agrees to see the doctor for help with his problem. Soon as he arrives for the first day of treatment, he’s drugged by a nurse then escorted onto a bus by male workers. They transport him and other patients to an unknown building where they are secretly implanting black, snake like creatures into peoples’ heads. Being freed by one of the patients who knows about the secret operation going on, they both escape the building and try to figure everything out. They seek help from friends who join them in exposing the aliens’ plan. Trying not to get caught, they make their way back to Stanley’s house after burning down the building. They later find a weakness they can use against the creatures to kill them. They test the theory on Stanley’s neighbor, who has a creature in his head, and finds out he was a big part in what was going on. Not only that, he has information about queens in a secret location. They decide to go to the location to kill the queens and see what else they can find. Things look to be going their way when the army gets ready to join in and start flushing the creatures towards the North East so they can freeze to death. Stanley and the others are sent back home to wait for further instructions. Feeling better about himself, Stanley no longer wishes to drink and has to figure out how to move on after what he’s been through.

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About the Author


Pamela is a single mother of two kids who lives in California. Majored in History and attended Holy Names University in Oakland, Ca. She enjoys being active in activities like fishing, camping, hiking, bicycling, and plenty more.
Most of her books are fiction and tell a story based on a dream she had. Her first five books were published within five months.

Follow her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pamelatheauthor

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ULR Feature: The 7 Habits of Jesus by Robert Schmalze



Throughout the ages, Christians have participated in seven habits that were taught by Jesus, passed on to his own disciples, and given to us as a means to experience Christ’s presence and power in our daily lives. The 7 Habits of Jesus provides comprehensive and practical ways for Christians to live as disciples of Christ in the world today.
“The goal of the missional church is to make disciples not members. The book The 7 Habits of Jesus is an invaluable tool for congregations to teach what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus, by living out their baptism in daily life. I am pleased to recommend it to every pastor and lay leader who take discipleship seriously.” Rev. Dr. Rick Rouse Co-author, A Field Guide to the Missional Congregation Faculty, Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest


“In a rapidly changing religious landscape, the church of the 21st century will need to function more like the church of the 1st century. Jesus sent the church with the mandate to make disciples by baptizing and teaching. I am thrilled to recommend The 7 Habits of Jesus to every community that is passionate about shaping disciples for daily ministry in a 21st century world. Here we have a useful roadmap to equip the saints to participate in God’s reconciling work in the world.” Rev. Robert G. Schaefer, Bishop Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCA


“Not only is The 7 Habits of Jesus a tremendous resource for today’s church, it also addresses the need in our culture to get back to the basic habits of following Jesus. The way we relate these 7 Habits to our everyday life is helpful for us as individuals, and will be helpful to a new generation of believers striving to mature in their faith. The content, practicality, and arrangement of the materials provides a great service, one that is needed in the church today. I look forward to seeing how The 7 Habits of Jesus becomes a transformational tool for Christ’s church.” Rev. Gregory S. Walton, President Florida-Georgia District, LCMS

“Discipleship and faith formation is the means to grow people in the faith from infancy to maturity, from those who only receive to those who recognize they have received something so precious they are compelled to share it with others. Jesus used such a process to disciple His first followers. Without a similar commitment to invest ourselves in the lives of others the Church will only become weaker and less effective. The 7 Habits of Jesus provides a highly relational process that is focused on Christ, the Scripture and faithful Lutheran confessional theology. The insights it provides will bring transformation to individual lives and renewal for the congregation. It is an excellent first step in the pursuit of the Great Commission, making disciples, a resource that should be implemented by any Lutheran leader who takes seriously Jesus’ mission and command.” Rev. John F. Bradosky, Bishop North American Lutheran Church

“The 7 Habits of Jesus provides a comprehensive and accessible way for churches to actually get (back) into the business of making disciples. A particular strength of The 7 Habits of Jesus is the method of combining the three dimensions of engagement: self-study, fellowship groups, and partnerships. If you want real and enduring change in your relationship with Jesus for the sake of God’s mission in the world, use the tool The 7 Habits of Jesus.” Rev. Dr. Johan Bergh Pastor, Coordinator for Coaching, ELCA

“The 7 Habits of Jesus is a triumph in Lutheran faith formation and praxis. Birthed from over 20 years of mission experience in Kenya, Pastor Schmalzle successfully presents a user friendly model of discipleship which guides us into the realm of personal and communal transformation. It’s simply accessible and incredible!” Rev. Dr. Nathan Swenson-Reinhold Lead Pastor, St. Stephen- Longwood, FL WWW.7HABITSOFJESUS.COM

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About the Author


Robert Schmalzle is a pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and is currently serving at Trinity Lutheran Church in Kissimmee, FL. For nearly two decades he served as a missionary with the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church where he authored New Life, the Church’s first catechism and model for discipleship training.

Aaron Schmalzle is the son of Robert Schmalzle and has a graduate degree and experience promoting healthy congregations. He manages the 7 Habits companion website (www.7HabitsofJesus.com) and provides nationwide training seminars for congregations and church leaders.

Contact The 7 Habits of Jesus team for information about training options and/or coaching in your congregation, conference, or synod. Events can easily be tailored to your audience. http://www.7habitsofjesus.com/discipleship-training

ULR Feature: THE POOR MAN’S GUIDE TO SUICIDE by Andrew Armacost

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Being a prison guard is often stressful and dangerous, so it’s not surprising that the suicide rate among prison guards is nearly 40% higher than the average for all occupations in America; these elements form the terrain of THE POOR MAN’S GUIDE TO SUICIDE (Moonshine Cove Press), a tragicomic literary novel by Andrew H. Armacost.

THE POOR MAN’S GUIDE TO SUICIDE is a moving yet comical tale of an embittered prison guard, working at a correctional facility on the outskirts of Indianapolis, who decides the only meaningful thing left for him to do in life is die.

Most prison guards work hard just to survive each day and Wesley Weimer is no exception. As Armacost’s lead character peels back the layers of his life, he doesn’t like what he sees. A twice-divorced father of two, he realizes his life has grown lifeless. With child support payments sucking him dry, and most of his free time spent either taking care of his crippled mother or struggling through painful visits with his children, Wesley can’t help but wonder if there’s any point to carrying on.

With Christmas right around the corner, Wesley persuades a prisoner to strangle him for ten thousand dollars – this way, at least his kids can cash in on the life insurance. There’s just one problem…he doesn’t have ten thousand dollars!

This noir ‘why-done-it’ offers a humanizing look at both inmates and guards as it propels readers into the guts of a bleak yet fascinating subculture, while offering a spiritual life-ring to a drowning demographic: non-custodial fathers. Passionate and persuasive, emotional and humorous, Armacost’s latest book (his third published novel to date) is compelling storytelling at its best and makes for a powerful read, tough to put down.

In fact, THE POOR MAN’S GUIDE TO SUICIDE was short-listed by Library Journal as one of the best “Books for Dudes” in 2014

Available now on Kindle and Paperback!


About the Author


Andrew Armacost studied literature and writing in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh after serving in the U.S. Navy, during which time he worked at sea and overseas, with long-term assignments to both Afghanistan and Singapore. Formerly a Corrections Officer for the State of Indiana, Mr. Armacost has also resided in Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Japan, California and, most recently, Virginia, where he currently lives with his family.


Read the Reviews

IF YOU LOSE YOUR WILL TO LIVE-CAN YOU EVER GET IT BACK? SCOTT PHILLIPS, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF “THE ICE HARVEST” LATER MADE INTO A MOVIE STARRING JOHN CUSAK SAYS, “…a decent man at the end of his rope…Armacost’s writing is wonderfully funny and sad, and I will be reading whatever he writes from now on.” The Poor Man’s Guide to Suicide” is a powerful, slashing, terrifying, hilarious, explosive, sarcastic, misanthropic and lyrical black comedy about losing your will to live-and possibly getting it back. Wesley Weimer, a twice-divorced prison guard and failed father of two, realizes his life has grown lifeless. Child support payments suck him dry and he’ll never finish that degree. Most of his free time is spent tending to his crippled mother or else writhing through painful visits with his children. So with Christmas right around the corner, Wesley persuades a prisoner to strangle him for ten thousand dollars-this way, at least his kids can cash in on the life insurance. The only problem is, he doesn’t have ten thousand dollars… “Funny and well-conceived.”—Dan Fante, author of “Chump Change” and “Mooch.” “

Armacost’s fictional depiction of depression has an alarmingly real feel.”—Library Journal, Douglas Lord, “Books for Dudes.” “…wry humor and a surprising degree of wisdom…seems lifted right off the pages of [a Woody] Allen script…“Kirkus Reviews.”

“…true grit at its best…a powerful read that will satisfy any who like dark, gritty noir writing…”—D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, “MidWest Book Review.” “…delves into the male psyche…feelings of failure and hopelessness…despair and utter lack of hope rang true…”—“Opinionated Reviewer.”

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ULR Daughter of the Game 3 by Kai


When hate and revenge rain down like lava spewing from a volcano, even the Waters can’t extinguish the fire.
Ricardo triggered a war with plans to snatch the Waters’ empire from Armand, but just like a match dropped in the dry woods, no one can control the explosions that ultimately tear across the city and his family. While Pete executes revenge, Armand is left gathering what’s left of TW2: Monique and Michelle. As secrets tumble out, and the threat of elimination becomes a reality, the Waters wage a final war that will cost them everything. This time, it’s every man and woman for themselves. Game Over.
Book Review
I enjoy this author and her writing style. I like her attention to details and loved the conclusion. Great series love Armand although Monique can be a bit ridiculous, dumb, naive, holding things in when she should just explain the circumstances, he loves her anyway. – Milan, Amazon Reviewer

Available On Kindle and in Paperback!

Available on ebook and in paperback!

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UK: http://amzn.to/1Cpwqt4

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ULR Feature: FORCED ABSENCE: A Story About Children Of Divorce, Child Support, Custody & Parental Alienation Wars


photo (37)

Imagine waking up one Saturday morning to the sound of loud banging at your door. You call out to your wife, “Sweetie, answer the door!” But your spouse and the kids are gone. The knocks keep coming. You open the door and see two burly Sheriff’s Deputies at your door who inform you that your spouse has filed a Protection From Abuse order against you and that you’ve got twenty minutes to get your things out of the house and vacate the premises.

You are dumbfounded because you never had a fight with her and violence was never part of the equation for you. You argue that there must be a mistake, but your pleas fall on deaf ears. You realize numbly that, to them, you sound just like the brutes who actually do abuse the ones they love.

You get dressed, grab a few things, and frantically make some calls as you watch the Deputies install padlocks on your doors. Eventually you leave and drive to your parents’ house, hoping that you’ll be back home in a couple of days after the matter has been resolved. Unbeknownst to you, you will never step foot in your home again. The truth is, your spouse has a new love in her life and used a PFA order to get rid of you and move the lover in. Your wife’s new lover is now your children’s new daddy.

Welcome to the life of Tim Olson. Tim was a victim of this scenario, except that Tim wasn’t the husband . . . he was the child. when Tim’s mother accused his father of abuse that never happened, she drove Tim’s father into financial and emotional ruin. When Tim grew up and learned the truth, he didn’t just get mad he got even, with tragic results.

Available Also in Paperback!

Through interviews with actual litigants, mental health professionals, lawyers, and victims, we learn about the undercurrent of post-nuptial turmoil now boiling over in family courts across the country in the form of child custody and visitation battles, false allegations of abuse, corrupt judges, and unaffordable child support awards. The system is broken and the results it has on the families who go through it is devastating. The laws of various jurisdictions in the United States encourage and reward greed while discouraging civility and co-parenting. The same is true to some extent in England, Canada, Germany, Spain, Argentina and several countries across the globe.

Forced Absence is a story of love and hatred, greed and vengeance, and the effects of a corrupt and inefficient family court system which is being exploited by husbands, wives, and live-in partners seeking to destroy one another. This documentary is an assembly of capsulized true events in the lives of several victims. To the extent possible, the participants are the actual individuals involved. To protect the innocent and their privacy, some re-enactments and technical changes were incorporated.
This book, which is written in a screenplay format, is a derivative of the feature motion picture.


About the Author

Pius A. Uzamere is a writer-producer-director whose passion is, advancing the course of justice by fighting for those unable to fight, and speaking for those whose voices are being squelched.
This is why he spent more than a dozen years working on the plight of non custodial parents and their children.
In his spare time, he loves to watch his favorite major league baseball teams play.

For additional information about the issues addressed in Forced Absence please visit:
ForcedAbsence.com. To volunteer to help spread the word about this project, please send an email to: vecpau@gmail.com


ULR Feature: Finding Redemption (The Finding Series Book 2)



Avery & Abel Monroe, their names were synonymous with one thing. Manwhores.

Abel Monroe saw his brother was the man he’d always wanted to be, a loving Husband and Father. Abel became envious of him and hoped that one day he’d get a chance to be as happy as his brother.

Nova Anderson knew the Monroe brothers as their families were close. When she took the job at Easy Jays, she never anticipated anything happening between them.

One night, Nova let her overactive libido get the better of her and she found herself in the bed of the one man she swore she’d never enter.

When Abel’s past comes back to haunt him, will Nova stand by him when she thinks her chance at happiness would be marred by one reckless night Abel had? Will the reason why Nova ran from her comfortable life in Las Vegas make an appearance and finally end the happy life she was starting to have?

Will things stay the way they have been for so long, or will Abel finally find the redemption he’d been seeking since the moment he began to change his ways?


Book One – Finding Salvation is also available on Kindle

Book Review of Finding Salvation- Book 1 in the series

“Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down! I entered into the lives of Madison and Charlotte and felt their heartache, joy, sadness, fury, happiness, confusion, compassion, love, and understanding.

Madison and Charlotte had traumatic childhoods and bonded in a group foster home. They were each other’s family and would never be separated. They were fortunate enough to finally be adopted together when they were teens and as a reader, I thought they were going to be safe and happy the rest of the book. Nope. Not the case! They still had to survive grown up hell.

This book shows how traumatic life often is for adults who grew up as part of the foster care system. Not only do they have to deal with the unimaginable horrors they faced with their biological parents, they also have to deal with the emotional toll of being a foster kid. Finding Salvation reminds us that that each child’s experience is different and each child handles their experience differently into adulthood.

I became totally immersed in Madison and Charlotte’s lives. I enjoyed going on this winding journey with many twists and turns as both women realized they need to face the demons that haunted them and overcome their pain and fears in order to find their happily ever afters.” – Tina

ULR Feature: Planning Your Corporate Escape Early Retirement & Financial Independence Guide: Quit Your Job 10 Years or Less


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Retiring at the age of 30 and 40 is becoming popular as more people realize working should be optional. If you desire to spend your life doing other activities or hobbies, the planning your corporate escape series guides will help you achieve your goal to become financially independence. This is the first book part of a series of 5 books guiding you in planning your escape. The financial theory can be applied to families or individuals seeking to achieve financial independence. Challenging the conventional theory in our society that you have to work until the age of 65-80. You can apply these same strategies as I and many other escapee have to achieve your dream.


Recession proof your finances with these easy to use escape plan.
Retiring at the age of 40 and sharing the strategies and escape plans I and many others early retiree/financial independence use.
Planning Your Corporate Escape Book series are packed with over 20 escape plans to guide you to achieve your goal of financial independence.

Book Review

“If only I had read this book before I pursued my career in corporate america. I would have developed a different mindset towards retirement and been more aggressive in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. After reading this book at the age of 33, I am happy to know that I still have time to achieve my dream of being more financially independent. I am very optimistic about retiring earlier than 65 thanks to the valuable information provided in this book. Highly recommended.” – Amazon Reviewer