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You Get What You Pay For

Amazon be like:

“We provide readers with books at yard sale price and constantly develop and refine our technologies all in the name of changing how we read.  Oh and by the way, we are deep in our investment of new authors to the point where we developed and promoted new formats just for them.  These formats have been great for the industry  because it has unearthed new talent and made reading ‘cool’ again.”

That’s the main course meal, but does anyone see the dessert that’s been baked, glazed and steeped in the finest bullshit that millions dollars could buy?  The kind of bullshit that’s revealed when a monopoly rises?

Bon Appetit!money-flying-bills-air

Some authors and publishing houses tried to warn us years ago that Amazon would turn on the industry as well as the customers but we, for the most part, plugged up our ears and rationalized what they were doing with ‘Oh shit this book is just .99 cents lemme one click this,  or ‘What a sweet hustle: I put my book on here for .99 cent a pop and my reader base will eat my stuff up like it’s last thing in the cabinet. Amazon been great for ME! I don’t know nor do I care about the other authors.”

It was all good until Amazon decided to strong arm Hachette.  They began to take down preorder buttons for favorites such as James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks and J.K. Rowling and raising the price of their titles. Amazon also increased the shipping times for Hachette books. All of this mess is about the pricing of e-books.  The word is Amazon’s share of e-book sales is more than 60 percent.  They sell their popular titles at $9.99 a clip. They walk away with  over $6 per book sold, while the rest is divvied up between publisher author and an agent. Since Amazon’s stocks fell, they decided to take it out on some publishers because they could. They’re a monopoly and now they could do whatever the hell they want to.

I’ve always thought that the publisher set the prices on Amazon, but I was wrong. I’m pretty sure that the publishers knew that no one in their right mind would pay $10 for an e-book when they’ve been getting them for a dollar or free on demand.  Amazon proponents in the industry, deep down had to know that Amazon was boosting the prices to only help themselves at the publishers’ and authors’ expense.  However they were blinded by the possibilities of reaching new readers that they ended up getting played.

As far as the readers are concerned, they’ve been played to as far as I’m concerned. Here they are, downloading books for little to nothing and reading, not knowing that doing so gassed Amazon’s head up to the point where they marked up the prices of e-books. “What were the customers gonna do? Go to Barnes and Noble.com and buy the same book  for way more than what we offer at $9?”  was and is the thought here.

The fact of the matter is nothing will change here until the publishers and authors ban together in a class action lawsuit and even set up their own distribution channels. Otherwise, they will continue to pay Amazon to punk them under the guise of  promoting industry growth.