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They Aren’t The Cosby’s w/Author Mike O

“Ain’t Nobody f****** with my clique!”

-Kanye West, “Clique” ft. Jay-Z and Big Sean

In the wake of this story about the riot that was ignited off of T.I.’s confrontation with Floyd Mayweather, many different viewpoints and opinions have been expressed. Earlier today, I posted my take on the issue. I think that there’s a loyalty issue going on in their union that needs to be addressed personally. Their dysfunctions shouldn’t be a social media trending topic. However, it shows that everything that glitters isn’t gold.10336740_10154156568440366_9177687378087249987_n

VH1 has been trying their absolute best to brand the hit reality T.V. show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle as the new age Cosby show. They even changed the theme music for the new season to one that’s similar to The Cosby Show. Many people spoke out against this, citing that comparing the two is disrespectful to the impact and legacy of one of the most galvanizing and influential shows in television history. As a fan of T.I., I tried my best to defend the branding decision. But, I’m forced to admit that the Harris family is the furthest thing from the Cosby’s. Plain and simple!

My DC Bookdiva Publications label mate Mike O immediately hit me up in my Facebook inbox when he heard that I was writing an article on this topic. While his viewpoint is different from mine, it’s something that definitely needs to be taken into consideration when we’re talking about this situation. The question at hand is this: was T.I. directing his energy and anger at the wrong person? Let Team DCB bring some perspective to this topic for you!

Mike O

My view definitely differs from young Randall because I’m coming from that hood point of view. I really think this whole issue stems from T.I.’s infidelities and indiscretions.  Karma is a b**** that hits us right when we don’t want it too. Yes, Tiny is a married woman but who knows what she been through with that man of hers?  All we know is that they are paraded in front of us like the new Cosby’s. Let’s be honest, Dr.  Huxtable and his family have no similarities to a gangsta rapper and his family. How can you compare a fictional TV series to a real life couple?

With that being said, Floyd Mayweather is a celebrity to other celebrities. Who doesn’t want to meet boxing’s flossy bad boy? Tiny just so happens to be a celebrity herself which granted her access to kick it with one of her boxing hero’s. What’s the harm in TI-and-Tiny-grab-lunch-in-West-Hollywoodthat? I’m sure T.I. chills with the opposite sex like it’s nothing, so why couldn’t that situation be the same. We weren’t there and don’t know what the situation is like, all we know is T.I.’s big ego got in the way.

He still believed his raps and still felt like a gangsta from the hood and got his head busted. I mean come on, who still checking dudes over their chick? He should have kept that discreet between him and his wife, but since he cut the fool we all now know about their business. T.I. got caught up in his “respect” as a gangsta to his rapper fan base, put his hands on one of Floyd’s henchmen, and found out he couldn’t really fight like he raps. It happens. Didn’t he just have a baby by another chick?

I’m not saying it’s true because I seen that rumor floating around the internet. Most of the things we see on the internet is a lie, but why did his actions with his wife seem like those of a jealous husband? I thought they were the new Cosby’s? Anyway, I personally don’t see anything wrong with stars meeting stars. It’s not like Tiny was naked or T.I. found inappropriate texts between her and Floyd. She was just kicking it in my eyes. I’m just saying……

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