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When Friends Go, Continue to Grow!

I always ask myself if I was friends-tv-show-bad-lessons-mainfriendly enough to attract the right friends in my life.  I am loyal, observant, sweet and have a strong opinion on things.  The fact that I’m observant and too straight forward with people, I find myself pushing them away.  Friends should never be used too loosely these days and times.  Anybody can talk to anybody and strike a nice pleasant conversation to ease the mind, body and soul.  But are we really examining the characteristics and personality of people before we start claiming them as a friend?

I always thought being friends with a male would be less complicated than with a female, but I was dead wrong!  They are too much opinion about certain things and don’t give you as many chances from my personal experience from a male friend I thought was a “friend”. We spent more time arguing over petty things that don’t even deserve a standing ovation in conversations via text. I have learned to just be by myself at times since I’m too opinionated I’m always think too deep into things.  But sometimes some people can be a little bit too toxic for your surroundings.  I want to enter into the new year with peace at my heart and a new beginning.  I don’t want people in my life that are toxic or dealing with professional people who are beefing with me about my services.  There has been too many times where I had to literally cut people off from my business because I felt like they weren’t taking it too seriously.  My small business is my baby and I’m not going to let anybody get between us!  I’m all about professionalism and business minded people who are always willing to invest in my future and in my business.  Sometimes I may be too hard on people without actually giving them a chance, but I feel like I’m doing what’s right to protect my sanity.

But friends, people, business partners, acquaintances come and go and sometimes you have to go through that to discover who is being real and who isn’t.  People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Many people in my life was for a season and never for a lifetime.  I was born to stand out! And even if I don’t  have that special friend that stays in my corner when things aren’t going right, I just have to be strong and move forward with my life.  I’m no perfect saint so I don’t pretend to be one because that isn’t of my character; I still continue to think of the good things I am doing in my life.  Friends shouldn’t be used too loosely, but it should be a privilege to have someone who actually is considered your friend.  I can remember all the times in school where I only talked to people, but never considered them my friend.  I had a very hard time trusting anyone so I would always shut them out or try to say something to hurt them so they wouldn’t talk to me anymore for dumb reasons.

Don’t allow people, the world or so called friends stop you from growing in your life.  It’s all lessons learned, but just don’t make the mistake over and over again.  I have to admit, I have made some of the same mistakes over and over again and I’m always wondering why I continue to do this, but truth be told, it’s stressful and emotionally draining.  Just let it GO!  That should be the motto for 2017: “JUST LET GO!”  Don’t worry about the ones who aren’t a true friend to you; real colors will always shine.  Just learn from that person and keep going.  A bad friendship isn’t worth the great things you are doing in your life right now.

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A Long Ways to Home





I’ve always been the type to test the dangers of life and see what the solution is towards the end.  Rebellious you may say, but I didn’t want to listen to anyone by myself.  I always got myself in trouble, whether it’s with my mouth or making the wrong decisions that could lead to bad solutions.  

I’m realizing that I have to love myself more and care less about the world and that no one can’t take my happiness away.  I’ve tested the waters long enough and using my tongue as a weapon and now it’s time to put my big girl panties on and move forward with life and start loving me for ME! No man  isn’t going to love me for what I love to do or love me for me, so as the new year approaches, I have some serious decisions to make and write down goals that I am planning to work at to achieve.

When you have a dream and a vision, don’t allow outside distractions or get emotionally involved with a situation that is too deep and unnecessary for you to handle.  FOCUS is the keyword in this lifetime.  Validation and kudoos points aren’t needed for a job well done.  Celebrate yourself every chance you get whether others aren’t that supportive or you or aren’t happy for you.  I am still learning and I know that I am not perfect but my inspirational thought for you is to keep pressing on and keep moving forward in life towards your dreams and goals!  Don’t let the world or negative situations keep you from being happy.


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ULR Feature: Trying to Keep Moving Forward



“Trying to Keep Moving Forward” is the real life success story of Al Bailey, who made it from troubled foster child to Social Services board member and charity CEO. When his loving mother gave him up into foster care as a young child, Al was passed from home to home, making bad choices along the way, and even ending up homeless. Despite the toughest of beginnings, Al managed to turn his life around, working his way up to Executive Director of his own non-profit organization. But even here the road did not run smooth, as one bad decision cost Al more than he had ever bargained for. After a period of introspection, he serves the community again as a motivational consultant. In his first book, “Trying to keep moving forward”, Al Bailey shows that as long as you keep on trying, your dreams really can come true. So easily he could have taken the wrong path, ended up dead, in prison for a long period of time or even totally dependent on the public systems, but today Al makes the choice every day to move forward on the inspirational journey to success, and wants to share his success and failures with others.


Book Review

Al Bailey has written a story that is geared specifically to his own life, yet it’s amazing how his themes and perspectives are applicable to any of us – I’ll venture to all of us. Who of us hasn’t felt rejection, self doubt, and made bad personal choices? Some of us are still battling these feelings and suffering the effects of those bad choices. This author has not only survived, he’s prevailed! His story of adversity is powerful – his story of conquering his adversity is inspiring and motivating. You will identify – regardless of your background or who you are!

On Sale Now for $9.99! 

All I Do Is Win w/Rapper & Mixtape Cypher Winner Que

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

-Vince Lombardi

Like it or not, the world thrives on competition. We all have an inherent desire to be the best in the world at what we do. Our desire to be at the top of our field is the fuel that moves and pushes us. It’s what fuels creativity and innovation. It also overcomes fear and risk.

Imagine performing in front of hundreds of fans for a prize as covenant as a guaranteed recording contract or $10,000. You step on an American Idol esque stage and put your heart and soul into thrilling the fans and the judges so you can inch closer to making your dreams come true. Some couldn’t conceive being in that moment as the spotlight will provide too much pressure.  However, a select few per2494430formers have the ability to walk in, electrify the crowd and create a  name for themselves on a large platform. One of those performers is Marquis “Que” Norton.

I first interviewed him a month ago about him pursuing his passion of music at an early age.  On Facebook I saw a huge campaign, led by his mom and other dedicated members of his team, to vote for him to win in a competition called the Mixtape Cypher. In a miraculous  comeback, Que managed to get a surge of support at the last minute and take the first place  crown from fellow competitor Mark Hall. Recently, we talked about his triumphant victory  and the upward direction of his career.



Randall: Congratulations on winning the Mixtape Cypher! How does it feel?

Que: It’s feels great to see that all my hard work is really paying off.  This competition is definitely one of my biggest achievements.

Randall: What is the Mixtape Cypher? What does winning the Mixtape Cypher mean? Explain to all the readers that aren’t aware

Que: The Mixtape Cypher’ is a talent competition & television show, where artists compete for an opportunity to showcase their talent during the Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour, win $10,000 cash, be advertised on television networks. The prizes Que Article 2also include being able to perform during BET Hip-Hop Awards Weekend in Atlanta, GA this fall and to compete for a multimillion dollar recording deal from the Capital Production Group.

Randall: The Mixtape Cypher was vastly different from other competition shows. What were some of the tactics you had to use to secure a win?

Que: My team and I did things such as hustling, raising money, getting people to vote for and sponsor me.  Even though the contest judges were looking at the different artists’ talent, the points are what really mattered at the end of the day and my fans/supporters contributed to that. 

Randall: How have you been able to cultivate such a supportive audience?

Que: Randall, I think it’s God himself who blessed me with such a great and supportive audience.  They believe in me and my talent. They see the time I invest into my craft and I constantly show how much I love and appreciate them for being supportive of me throughout my career. I believe my positive attitude and music benefited as well and that’s how I captured their will to support me. Huge shout out to everyone to who voted for me and helped me out on the win, without them, this wouldn’t be possible, and a special thanks to my wonderful parents because they went hard with me day in, day out during the competition, working towards this victory.

Randall: From what I see, you’re a high energy performer. How are you able to keep up that type of pace night in and night out? Does it wear down on your body?

Que: It wore me out in the beginning stages of my career because I didn’t take exercising and dieting seriously and eventually it came back to bite me. Now, I spend a lot of time practicing and working out. I also make sure that I eat healthy, and stay active at all the time. Drinking a lot of water helps too. Hydration is important to maintain when you’re a performer.

Randall: So after this huge win at the Mixtape Cypher, what’s next for the Que brand?

Que: We’re working on getting my music marketed and promoted in the various cities of the On The Run Tour thanks to the huge Mixtape Cypher win. I’m also gearing up to compete in the national competition. I have an upcoming show with the OMG Girlz in Macon on July 26th. I’ve received more award show nominations and I’m currently working on releasing new music for the fans.


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The cover to my novel, “The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson”. It’s coming in October!



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PHOENIX RISING w/ Cynthia Miller

Do the ladies run this mutha? Go ahead and say it: HELL YEAH! It’s long been said that women are the backbone and well known that behind every great man is an even greater woman. We see it from the Whitehouse (politicians in general), we see it in the home (or the family at large) and it would take an absolute blind damn fool not to see it in the urban book industry, where the average reader is a female and just about every single successful indie pub. Co. is either owned, ran or managed by a woman. And let’s not even talk about the authors/publishers whom are or have been incarcerated, Lord knows, they wouldn’t be or never would’ve been anything without the powerful force of a woman to help channel their energy and move their thoughts. So, is it any wonder, then, that women are also the main force of power on the retail end? How many male bookstore owners do you know? And, of those that you do know, how many hire women to run the ship? But, that’s not really what this is about, because that’s just the norm and Cynthia Miller (now Cynthia Miller-Scott) is not hardly normal.

Former drug addict, ex-con, kidnap victim and stripper…serious titles, huh? Yeah, well, with over 17 arrests, and 23 years of addiction, Cynthia Miller-Scott has worn them all, at one point or another, but none of it, absolutely NONE of it, even    BEGINS to describe this awesome mother of 5. Cynthia Miller-Scott is just a go-getter. She’s a wonder on heels and a hustling giant who literally knows what it means to take nothing and build it into something.         cynthia

Cynthia isn’t one of those who grew up wanting to be an author, or who felt that she’d write a bestseller and live happily ever after. No. Trust me, Mrs. Miller-Scott is much too practical and down to Earth for that. This isn’t the tale of some sweet little ghetto angel who grew up AROUND the madness; it wasn’t her cousin, a boyfriend or her brother and them that she SAW in the mix. This isn’t a woman who went to school and got good grades then lived a basicly normal life in the ghetto AROUND all of the madness. No. Cynthia is one of those rare hood chicks who came off of the porch, out of the yard and got rigit there in the mix with the best of them. She played in the mud and found comfort in the filth, and just when people thought they had her all figured out, she changed. She burst like a flame: went down into the soot and emerged in Arizona like a phoenix. Now, how prophetic is that?

When I first met,  Cynthia, she sent me a copy of her autobiography, ‘IN RARE FORM’, a tale so gritty and so openly raw that I instantly felt connected to this sister. It was like I knew all there was to know and I still had to shake my head. I remember thinking: This chick is bad! Only once before, can I say an autobio truly touched me in that way and that was an autobio written by another West Coast queen called ‘A PIECE OF CAKE’ by Cupcake Brown. Both of these books give a no holds barred, no shields present look into the absolute ugliness of an all out animalistic existance. Both stories are of abuse, neglect, drug addiction and a real live look into what a true struggle to over-come looks like, and both stories are epic pieces, which shall inspire any souls they grace. But, who could’ve known that it would be a little book that would become the igniting charge in the rocket of change catapulting Cynthia to a whole new realm of stability and success?

Don’t get it twisted, IN RARE FORM didn’t reach critical acclaim, or become some sudden run away overnight bestseller. And no one paid Cynthia Miller-Scott a chunk of cash to tell the tale. That’s not what I’m saying here at all. In fact, Cynthia is self-published, and she would be the first to tell you, that she made many bad decisions getting into the bookgame. So, no, this isn’t the rags to riches tale of some little guy picked up by the majors, then paraded before the world as some shining example of what hope can do. No, this isn’t that tale at all. This, like Cynthia Miller-Scott herself, is a tale rooted in real life: the bitter, the raw, the truth. A tale about a broken woman and the little book that could.

You see, IN RARE FORM, though never selling record numbers or achieving critical acclaim, has been a slow but consistant seller and even more so, it has been the magical key which has gone on to help Cynthia to open many doors, including, not the least of which, her very first bookstore/boutique/retail outlet which she has now grown to three! Yes, not only has Cynthia Miller-Scott made something wonderfully spectacular of herself, but, she’s now also the employer of many. A hands-on, hard working woman who still doesn’t mind stepping off of the porch and getting in the mud to get it done.


Godfather: How long have you been writing?
Cynthia: I feel I have been writing my entire adulthood. When my children became victims of a horrific crime, I started to write poetry to release my pain. When I would wake them up, I would present them with a poem giving them step by step instructions on how to function throughout the day. I felt they had survived a horrible situation and the last thing I wanted them to do was to
make plans without me.

Godfather: Who/what first inspired you to write?

Cynthia: When I was incarcerated the very last time, a sheriff there hired me to write a poem for her daughter giving birth. The poem had to be special
because during the pregnancy she lost her husband. I nailed it. In return for my services she brought me a book called “Yesterday I cried” by Iyana Vansant. When I first opened the book and read the poem I broke down. Her book touched my heart. I asked the sheriff if I could use the computer to write my story and the rest is history.

Godfather: What books have you written and what were they about?
Cynthia: My first book was, In Rare Form. This is the story of a family that survived a horrific crime, only to be infested by the aftermath it had on the entire family. Yes, it is my story. It is a story inside of survival not about survival.
My second book was, On Rare Occasions. This is a book full of powerful short fiction stories. Some will sound familiar. You see, Godfather, we all have a story that ties like a knot to other humans on this planet.

Godfather: What’s the name of your stores and where are they located?
Cynthia: My store is, Real Women Revealed boutique Store and more.
4801 E. Mac Dowell suite 100, Phoenix AZ 85016
I recently moved out of the first location and put all my efforts into this project with the boutique.

Godfather: I notice that you sell more than just books, talk about that?
Cynthia: Over the past few years since I started writing I noticed all the comments about book stores failing and closing. I just could not accept that. See, sometimes when life changes addresses on you, then you have to change your method of delivery. I had become pretty successful in a marketing and consulting business in Phoenix. The owner of the company was a 31 year old
black man who had walked into the very company he owned four years prior and had become the owner. That was so powerful to me, when he told me his story, that I started talking to him about the book business. When I went to him one day and told him I was going to partner with a smoke shop he told me that was absolutely brilliant. So my first book store was actually a smoke shop. I wasn’t pulling enough from just the books. I needed to catch the community’s eye so I created a line of T-shirts. I made sure my shirts had powerful unique sayings on them, and I shopped around for great prices, so I could offer the lowest price in the community. I built a reputation for having the “$10.00 Tee’s and books”. I started going to businesses as well, and promoting my T-shirts, letting them know I was a local author, and sold my books in a package deal.  Audrey Jenkins, my business partner in the boutique has been in my networking circle for three years. We always supported each other on events that either of us had. I came up with Get up and show up because we always messaged each other “hey girl you can count on me showing up”. I thought about that and developed a program called Get up and Show up. It was the one thing I did on a consistent level, after my release from jail, that put me in the position I am in today. I believed in it so much I had a video made and sent it to schools and prisons everywhere. Audrey & I had a conversation one night about how people are always talking about something but never get up and show up to do it. She and I sat there, over our hot wings and Martinis, and shared our dreams of a boutique, that would not only generate money, but also serve the many homeless, abused and/or former drug addicted  women in recovery in our community. We didn’t just talk about it either. That night, while I was on line, Audrey sent me an email with several store front locations. The next day we went looking. A week later I found a place. Two days later, we had the keys. We simply moved on faith. I knew I needed a platform to sell books and I wanted to do a clothing line. We came up with the name, because Audrey had a web based talk show, that I had been on several times, called Real Women Revealed. I had the get up and show up events, so we combined our dreams, and God carried us the rest of the way.

Godfather: What made you open a bookstore?
Cynthia: The desire to have a platform for others as well as myself. It is my goal, to have a lucrative business, where people can not only dress their bodies
but also dress their minds.

Godfather: How is the book business in Az?
Cynthia: The book business is what I make it. My books in the store don’t jump off the shelf. I pick them up and place them in the hands of readers. I do
events centered around various subjects. I sell Cynthia. The books are part
of the package.

Godfather: With ebooks going for pennies on the dollar, how are readers responding to the average $15.00 price of a paperback?
Cynthia: I have absolutely no problem with my paper backs. As a matter of fact my paperback out sells my ebooks any day of the week.

Godfather: Do you plan to expand or open any other locations?
Cynthia: Wesley, not only do I plan to open another location, we are working onbuilding a chain of stores. Stay tuned. My dreams are goals that I will reach.

Godfather: What’s your take on the pulse of book distribution on the West Coast?
Cynthia: I don’t have an opinion on that. I feel there is power in numbers whether it is one or one hundred. As I said before it is all in the delivery. If we
can deliver together we will all win together.

Godfather: Are a lot of your customers also Facebook friends or no?
Cynthia: No. I do not find my readers on Facebook. I commend anyone who does. My method of operation is different. I sell Cynthia in my daily hand to hand method, and then I send them to my Facebook page for more of me. I rarely advertise my books via Facebook. I advertise life, positivity, inspiration and courage. If you receive those messages, from my social media sites, thenyou will also look for my books.

Godfather: Are authors helping to promote, doing book signings, supplying you with enough books, etc? How would you say author support has been?
Cynthia: Outstanding. I reached out and authors provided.

Godfather: What are your biggest challenges?
Cynthia: Time is my biggest challenge. I am constantly working on new ventures and ways to reach my goals. So I often find that 24 hours just is not enough.

Godfather: Has anyone in the industry stepped up to help guide you or lend support?
Cynthia: Yes, very much so. Jm Benjamin stepped up and offered me a ton of support. James Scott, who at the time was not my husband, offered me so much support I married him. Smile. Wesley Hunter has given me more support than I can even grasp viewing his location. Treasure Blue helped me with a blue print for taking control of my books.

Godfather: Are you currently working on any other projects? What’s next in the clip for Cynthia Miller-Scott?
Cynthia: I am currently stepping up my writing game. I am in the middle of a few projects. I have a book entitled “The Willing. Profile of a female serial killer” and I am also working on a very powerful project with Jm Benjamin. And, I just wrapped up a project for Big L a music distributor in Atlanta. Plus, my partner, Audrey Jenkins, and I are in the kitchen of the minds right now stirring up another goal. We plan on making our store a household name.

Godfather: What’s your advice to new authors?
Cythia: Get up and show up for your life. If books are your life treat it that way.

Godfather: What would be your advice to anyone looking to get into the retail side of the book business?
Cynthia: Stay prayed up. Stay focused. Find something to bring them in the door. Then plant your books in their hand. Books don’t talk to people unless you give them a voice.

Godfather: How can people go about getting their books on your shelves?
Cynthia: I am so easy to work with. Go to my site: http://www.getupandshowup.com. Inbox me on Facebook. You see, I am an author first, so I know the challenges. I pay up front for all my books.

Godfather: How can you be reached?
Cyntha: Facebook Cynthia Miller-Scott
Twitter: Inrareform Join my Facebook page: Real Women Revealed Boutique Store and more

Godfather: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Cynthia: If you ever need a reason to get up and show up, or you just need a little
inspiration look up my utube video. Get up & show up by Cynthia Miller

Purchase the book at,