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ULR Feature: Understanding the Soul of the Sun

Written by Seth Ferranti

soulofthesuncover3The book is available on Amazon.com.

Soul of the Sun by Vesa Lumielle  is a magical voyage of the soul. An adventure across time and dimensions. Readers travel into a poetic landscape, breathe and rest in Atlantis and remember the sun. A journey unlike all others. Vera recalls why he wrote the book, “It was deep calling and passion, what made me write this book.”

We live in the illusion of reality is a refrain from the book and Vesa says his book is “very poetic and occasions mysterious.” On his website http://www.resverie.com/home/ the book is described as expressions of extent emotions, shadows of rainbows in poetry of music. A dance of tears in a velvet moon light, an excursion understanding of compound in shadows.

Night and the desire of love in deepest aspirations.

His book is like poetry and the website is full of images that show “the connection between soul and human.” Vesa says. By reading his books readers will make a discovery unto themselves or who and why they are. “ For me it is, extremely important.” Vera says. The understanding, the poetry, the images.

He doesn’t offer any grandiose claims about what reading his book will bring he just offers, “That is for the reader to find out.” He knows his books intrinsic value and says, “It is worth of your time.”

A futuristic metaphysical view of society and life is what Vesa offers. “Soul of the Sun, briefly touches next books or the stories within this books.” He says.

And positive energy is what his book brings to the table. He offers that readers can gain insight and “hopefully much positive energy and love.” He says.

The book is available on Amazon.com.

And here is a short excerpt from Soul of the Sun

It’s the second day at the expo. I arrived a little early, eager to get a good seat. Three of us, myself, Tuomo and Katri have each made our own plans, agreeing to meet up later on in the afternoon – this suits me just fine as I am feeling tremendously excited to get things started. Yesterday I had such a strong connection with Jonette. I also had a strange dream about today’s workshop, but I don’t remember much… I just recall seeing symbols, angels and blue beings.

I am one of the first to arrive and as I settle in I am greeted with the typical, “hello, how are you?” messages, sometimes improved by a ‘namaste’, however, with an added bonus of a cosmic smile, giving me a sense of belonging within these walls. Shaking hands with others was another vivid experience, surfacing huge amounts of excitement and welcoming love, a ‘back to home’ vibration.

Few groups and couples strike up metaphysical talk, particularly about Jonette and her history. I grab the opportunity to eavesdrop whilst all is still quiet, but people in the room quickly increase in number, and as it does, I start to feel an unexpected love rise into my heart.

The sheer joy of being here is tantalizing – it all feels so timeless and feather like. I am in a cloud of my own, feeling my breath deepening. Everything around me is not interacting with me – I am detached. I hear what seems to be bubbling sounds and some clapping. I then see a wind following Jonette’s steps as she makes her way to the stage. I see her energy and can feel the air getting more tense. Electric blue sensations hit me everywhere, and at that moment, I am surrounded by blissful perfection.

The book is available on Amazon.com.