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We Are Now Live: Tips For Online Interviewing

Online talk radio is popular and many are syndicated radio shows that with a click of a button can go viral for years to come. Before you step out for your next interview keep the following tips in mind.

Most shows are archived so do your best to make your brand shine.

1. Research the show before you agree to be interviewed, learn as much as possible about the host and the listeners that they attract.

2. Determine if the show is appropriate for you and your brand, there are tons of shows on online radio. Seek out and grant those that will represent you and your brand in the best manner.

3. Ask questions, many people don’t do this. Never be afraid or neglect to ask a host what the topic of the show is. Make sure the topics and discussion reflect things that will grow your audience and brand. Ask for a show outline if this makes you feel more comfortable or ask to be sent and suggest appropriate questions.

4. Send your media or press kit to the host and be sure to outline topics that best fit your image and brand.

5. Develop techniques that help you pinpoint what it is you are trying to convey to listeners i.e. new product, appearances, new venture. Talk radio should be informative, inspirational and fun . Always be polite but stern if the conversation begins to turn sour (think before you speak). Divert negative energy to something more positive and if need be, end the interview.

6. Stay away from call-in shows if your brand recently has come under fire, politely suggest to the host a one-on one interview. This will allow you to concentrate on the interview topics and address any issues with the host in a professional manner.

Lastly, never be afraid to decline an interview if you feel it doesn’t suit you and your brand. Always promote your appearances via social media outlets and direct people to your website, products, and thank the host and guest for tuning in!