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17-year- old Male Releases First Young Adult Novel


Macon, GA (November 2, 2014) – Seventeen-year-old Randall Barnes has released his first young adult novel titled, “The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson”, and the young author already has a hungry audience waiting to be inspired.   9780988762190

The Diary of Aaliyah Anderson is about a 13-year-old girl who has great plans to become a successful business woman. However, she resides in the most dangerous city in America where success is not a common theme. The teen lives a privileged life, but still has to endure the pain of her parent’s divorce and that adds to her struggles.  Nevertheless, Aaliyah is committed to keep her head above the water and not succumb to the pressures of her peers.

Already, The Diary of Aaliyah has garnered over 40,000 reads on Wattpad.com and universal acclaim. The book is also creating a positive impact among young adults, even those who are Aaliyah’s total opposite. One Wattpad reader said, “I clicked on the book because Aaliyah was described like me! Not the usual stripper or whatever.” Another reader commented, “I like this book. Man, I wish more girls could have common sense and class like Aaliyah.”

The Diary of Aaliyah is Barnes’ response to the negative media attention his generation gets on a daily basis.  The young author said, “We’re always seen as violent, misguided, sex crazed savages. Since we really don’t have an outlet to let off our frustrations outside of social media, we tend to accept and even conform to these images. The perpetuation of these stereotypes can even be deadly.” He added, “I got the inspiration to write the novel after the news about Trayvon Martin hit the national radar back in 2012. I had to do my part as a writer and a journalist to show the world that my generation isn’t what the media portrays us as.”

The Diary of Aaliyah is available in paperback and as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com for $14.96.

About The Author:

Randall Barnes is a seventeen year old author, internet radio personality, public speaker and mentor who currently resides in Macon, GA. The youth is already renowned for his positive, realistic, moral driven writings. He writes for the popular news website Urban Intellectuals, the relationship blog Courting Her and the literary blog Straight, No Chaser. Apart from his writing skills, he is a dynamic public speaker and won first place in the FBLA Region 5 Public Speaking Competition in January of 2013. Randall also was the first student in history to represent Hutchings College & Career Academy in the Rotary Club Speech Contest.