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All I Do Is Win w/Rapper & Mixtape Cypher Winner Que

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

-Vince Lombardi

Like it or not, the world thrives on competition. We all have an inherent desire to be the best in the world at what we do. Our desire to be at the top of our field is the fuel that moves and pushes us. It’s what fuels creativity and innovation. It also overcomes fear and risk.

Imagine performing in front of hundreds of fans for a prize as covenant as a guaranteed recording contract or $10,000. You step on an American Idol esque stage and put your heart and soul into thrilling the fans and the judges so you can inch closer to making your dreams come true. Some couldn’t conceive being in that moment as the spotlight will provide too much pressure.  However, a select few per2494430formers have the ability to walk in, electrify the crowd and create a  name for themselves on a large platform. One of those performers is Marquis “Que” Norton.

I first interviewed him a month ago about him pursuing his passion of music at an early age.  On Facebook I saw a huge campaign, led by his mom and other dedicated members of his team, to vote for him to win in a competition called the Mixtape Cypher. In a miraculous  comeback, Que managed to get a surge of support at the last minute and take the first place  crown from fellow competitor Mark Hall. Recently, we talked about his triumphant victory  and the upward direction of his career.



Randall: Congratulations on winning the Mixtape Cypher! How does it feel?

Que: It’s feels great to see that all my hard work is really paying off.  This competition is definitely one of my biggest achievements.

Randall: What is the Mixtape Cypher? What does winning the Mixtape Cypher mean? Explain to all the readers that aren’t aware

Que: The Mixtape Cypher’ is a talent competition & television show, where artists compete for an opportunity to showcase their talent during the Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour, win $10,000 cash, be advertised on television networks. The prizes Que Article 2also include being able to perform during BET Hip-Hop Awards Weekend in Atlanta, GA this fall and to compete for a multimillion dollar recording deal from the Capital Production Group.

Randall: The Mixtape Cypher was vastly different from other competition shows. What were some of the tactics you had to use to secure a win?

Que: My team and I did things such as hustling, raising money, getting people to vote for and sponsor me.  Even though the contest judges were looking at the different artists’ talent, the points are what really mattered at the end of the day and my fans/supporters contributed to that. 

Randall: How have you been able to cultivate such a supportive audience?

Que: Randall, I think it’s God himself who blessed me with such a great and supportive audience.  They believe in me and my talent. They see the time I invest into my craft and I constantly show how much I love and appreciate them for being supportive of me throughout my career. I believe my positive attitude and music benefited as well and that’s how I captured their will to support me. Huge shout out to everyone to who voted for me and helped me out on the win, without them, this wouldn’t be possible, and a special thanks to my wonderful parents because they went hard with me day in, day out during the competition, working towards this victory.

Randall: From what I see, you’re a high energy performer. How are you able to keep up that type of pace night in and night out? Does it wear down on your body?

Que: It wore me out in the beginning stages of my career because I didn’t take exercising and dieting seriously and eventually it came back to bite me. Now, I spend a lot of time practicing and working out. I also make sure that I eat healthy, and stay active at all the time. Drinking a lot of water helps too. Hydration is important to maintain when you’re a performer.

Randall: So after this huge win at the Mixtape Cypher, what’s next for the Que brand?

Que: We’re working on getting my music marketed and promoted in the various cities of the On The Run Tour thanks to the huge Mixtape Cypher win. I’m also gearing up to compete in the national competition. I have an upcoming show with the OMG Girlz in Macon on July 26th. I’ve received more award show nominations and I’m currently working on releasing new music for the fans.


You can find Que at:

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