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Most people are out to share a vision while making money. What is it that inspires Rich Marcello? I’m mostly interested in truth, and in particular how truth relates to emotional intimacy.


Rich: At some level, what we are all after the most is to be truly seen, yet many of us create obstacles that keep us from getting what we want most. All three of my novels are at the core about truly and deeply loving, and the things that get in the way of that happening.

Why just walk away from what others only dream of? Any regrets?


Rich: No regrets. I had a great career in high technology and I’m very thankful for my time there.  I just reached a point in my life where I realized I needed to change careers and write for the rest of life.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Love. It’s been the common theme of your first 3 books. Does it puzzle you? Interest you? Are you on a hunt for it? Why write about it?

Rich:  About four years ago, I go an idea to write three books about different kinds of love.  The first, The Color of Home, was published in 2013 by Langdon Street Press, and is about romantic love.  The second, The Big Wide Calm, was published in July of 2014, and is about platonic love.  The third, The Beauty of the Fall, will be published in 2016, and is about love in the larger community.  I believe truly and deeply loving in any or all of these ways is what we as humans desire the most, so I wanted to take a shot at writing about it.  I’m really happy with my progress so far, though there have many times along the way where I’ve been puzzled in one way or another.  I wouldn’t say I’m on the hunt, but like most, I’m certainly open to more love in my life.

As a fellow poet, I know that poets are a lover of prose. We collect sayings and hear rhythms in just about all that we do. Do you find this to be true for you as well?


Rich: Yes. Actually, I’m a poet and songwriter in addition to writing novels, so like you I do collect words and hear rhythms. Sometimes I spend hours working on a sentence or a paragraph just to make sure it works. Sometimes I include lyrics or poems in my novels when they make sense.
How would you describe your works? What sets your writings apart?

Rich: I try to write stories that engage on many levels – emotionally, intellectually, philosophically, with voice, with plot. My hope is that the reader will enter into a relationship with the characters in one way or another. When all those layers are working, I believe it really sets my work apart.
What/who are your greatest inspirations?

Rich: I tend to mostly write from dreams.  I’m a big believer that best writing happens early in the morning when, in a way, I’ve just come from one kind of dream time ( sleep) to another ( writing).  Most of my inspiration comes from that dreamlike place.  In terms of people, I like John Lennon  and Milan Kundera a lot for different reasons. Lennon because he was such an idealist, and Kundera because he was a master at melding storytelling and philosophy together in a way that really worked.

Do you plan to write more books? Will they also address matters of the heart?


Rich: I plan to write for the rest of my life.  I probably have a good ten books in me, though all of the topics aren’t clear yet.  After these three books, I’m not sure if I will return to love in the future.

When you write, I’m sure you have a vision in mind, who is your intended audience?


Rich: Anyone is deeply interested in truth, in emotional intimacy, in what it means to go deep to the bottom of things.

What do you hope people will take away, after reading a Rich Marcello novel?


Rich:  I think if one of my novels invokes an emotional reaction in a reader, any really, then that’s a great take away.  I had author, a Pen Faulkner winner, tell me he loved The Big Wide Calm because Paige Plant, the heroine, was such an emotionally deep character.  I had a blogger tell me she hated the same book because she hated Paige.  I value both pieces of feedback because they invoked emotional reactions, albeit much different ones.
What advice would you give a new/aspiring author?

Rich: Write the first pass of any scene very fast and don’t over think it. Then rewrite the scene over and over until it’s sensual enough to transport the reader into the fictional dream you’re trying to create.

When does book three, ‘The Beauty of The Fall’, come out?

RICH: 2016.
Is there anything else you wish to share?

RICH: That’s for taking the time to speak with me and for asking such great questions.
Where can your books be found?

RICH: They’re available all over the world. Amazon. Barnes and Noble. iTunes.  Probably the best place to start is on my website www.richmarcello.com.  You can also check me out on twitter @marcellor and on Goodreads.
How can you be reached?

RICH: My website is the best way to reach me.  http://www.richmarcello.com

Check out his new book The Big Wide Calm!


Paige is a rock star. The world just doesn’t know it yet. She’s got the charisma, the drive, and, of course, the mega-musical skills. All she needs is to make her debut album, one that will change the world, inspire revolutions—and make her galactically famous along the way.

When John Bustin, a former semi-famous singer/songwriter offers to record Paige’s album for free, it feels like destiny, like the next step on her way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Guitar in hand, Paige sets off to John’s recording compound, ready to unfold her future.

But the ever-elusive John, with his mysterious history, and Paige, a big dreamer but naïve about her footing in life, clash as much as they coalesce. Before they can change the world through Paige’s music, the improbable duo must learn to work together.

A coming of age story and retrospective, The Big Wide Calm focuses on human nature and the complexities of love through the eyes of young and old on the journey of creating the perfect album.

More Money For Authors

It all started with the frustration of being an author who received a bad review, and having no way to reply to the person who’d left it. That was the moment that, Tanisha Williams, was pushed into her destiny, as she, first, identified the problem, then set out to solve it. And, therein the idea for Chat eBooks was born.

Chat eBooks is a brand new author-friendly platform, which could well give the mammoth Amazon a run for its money. More money for authors, more interaction for readers, with added features created for a much more personal experience. Oh, and, did I mention more money for authors?

Chat eBooks was built based on the concept that authors want to make a living and not be robbed. That, instead of paying a hefty percentage off of each and every book sold, authors would benefit more by simply paying a low annual fee and having their book posted for a full year, with 100% of sells procedes going directly to the author/publisher on the very same day as the purchase, via paypal. This, of course, would do away with the random returns to Amazon, and mean that readers would have to make a choice based on the sneak peak alone. Or, of course, if a reader still feels a bit unsure and they desire the return option, they could simply swich over to Amazon to make that purchase.    chatebook1 copy

Chat eBooks will be an equal playing field, not given to Amazon rules, tricks and loop holes. Of course, authors/publishers could still list their books on Amazon as well, Chat eBooks would simply be an additional platform to utilize with a greater financial benefit to authors/publishers.

Chat eBooks is an awesome idea, but, in order for it to work, the author/publisher community must stand up and show support. We must get the word out to other author/publishers and call on our readers to make use of this site, to make purchases, getting them to understand that, by doing so, more of the earnings will go directly into the hands of the author/publisher they intend to support.

Are you ready to break away from the norm? Has earning a living off of ebook sells been a challenge for you? Are you ready to start making some money? I am super excited about the future of this wonderful venture and, so I definitely had to reach out to find out more. Here’s what I learned, straight from Tanisha Williams herself:

1. What inspired the idea for Chat ebooks?

The idea for Chatebooks was inspired by several factors: (1) My love for self-help motivational books and the desire to “chat” about them with others; (2) Wanting to respond to comments left by individuals who have read my ebook, or connect with readers to answer questions regarding the book’s content; and (3) My desire to receive a higher percentage of my book revenues and to have immediate access to funds once a purchase has been made.


2. What all features will the Chat ebooks site include?

The website is currently under development, and I’m still in the process of getting feedback from authors; therefore, the final features are still being determined. However, here are some of the basic features:


Authors will enjoy the benefits of: (1) Having complete control over the pricing and distribution of their books;

(2) Keeping 100% of their book revenues; (3) Having immediate access to the money generated from book

sales; (4) Selling more books through social media circle marketing; and (5) Communicating and developing relationships with their readers.

Readers will have the ability to: (1) Purchase e-books in a variety of formats and either download them to a device or read them directly from the website; (2) Connect and interact with e-book authors; (3) Join or start hot topic and/or chapter discussions with authors and fellow readers; (4) Accumulate their own library of purchased books; and (5) Invite family and friends to join their chat groups/discussions.


3. What will the annual fee to authors be?

The annual fee has not yet been determined. As with the features, I’m still collecting input from Authors. I can tell you that the fee will be very minimal and feasible for all Authors, including those selling their books for $.99.


4. Will there be any membership fees/costs for the reader/buyer?

Membership for readers/buyers is free.


5. How has the reaction been to your idea, so far? 6. what positives are you hearing?

I’ve been getting excellent feedback from those who have taken the survey. I’ve received comments such as”Congratulations for thinking outside of the box”, “This could be better than Goodreads”, and “I love this idea and I can’t wait for the site to launch”¼.just to name a few.


7. What negatives?

Of course there have been negative comments too, though I try not to dwell on them much. I think anyone trying something new or different receives their fair share of naysayers. The main comment I’ve heard is “I don’t think it’s going to work”. My response: Like any start-up business or aspiring Author, this website is being built on a Dream to accomplish my goals and aspirations¼..an Idea that can help others in their own personal endeavors¼..the Courage to step out of my comfort zone and put my ideas in action¼.and a Prayer that it all works out!


8. How long have you been working on Chat eBooks? And when do you expect for it to go live?

I started working on ChatEbooks in May 2014 and I expect to go live in August.


9. How can authors help?

Authors can help by completing this short survey about the features on ChatEbooks:

https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QY76H35. The information gathered will help me in developing the final functions, terms and conditions for the site.

Also, spread the word by sharing the link/posting on their fb page/group!


10. Is there anything that readers can do or any input you hope to get from them at this point?

I plan on launching a campaign next month to attract reader participation on launch day. I want to have giveaways like e-books and e-readers.


11. Will Chat ebooks have a hyper-link/one click element to take buyers straight from Facebook to Chat

ebooks to make a purchase?

Yes. Authors will be able to post the link on their facebook page allowing readers to click and be directed to ChatEbooks.


12. Will there be a link element for twitter or any of the other social networking sites?

Yes. ChatEbooks will have social media integrations so that postings/comments/likes will show up on a reader’s respective website feeds (twitter, facebook, etc.)


13. Explain the steps that a reader/buyer will have to take in order to make a purchase?

Readers will browse ebooks from a variety of categories, and they’ll be able to add their book(s) of choice to their shopping cart. Once they are ready for check-out, they will be directed to their PayPal account to make the purchase.


14. Many authors complain about the lax return policies on Amazon. Will Chat ebooks accept

returns, and, if so, what will the return process be?

No. ChatEbooks will not have the capability of removing an ebook from someone’s device once they’ve purchased it (as with Amazon’s kindle); therefore, we will not process any returns.


15. Book trailers. What are your thoughts on maybe having book trailers right next to the reviews. Offering

potential buyers yet one more resource to consult before making a purchase?

I think it’s an excellent idea. I’d like to get more feedback from other authors to see if this would be beneficial

prior to investing the additional coding fees.


16. Features and recommendations. Will Chat eBooks offer any special book


ChatEbooks will have a “feature” section on the site for authors who would like to participate.


17. Minimum/base price set by pg count. Will you set minimums (say 5.00 and up for 300 pg.s) or will you

basically leave it wide open like Amazon?

I’m going to allow authors to set their own price. I’ve read great books that range from $.99 to $19.99 so I don’t want to exclude anyone.


18. Reviews. Will anybody be able to leave a review or only those who’ve purchased the book on the Chat

eBooks site?

All members of ChatEbooks can leave a review or join chat discussions regardless of where they’ve purchased the book.


19. Audio and paperbacks. Will readers be able to purchase these items through the site as well? No. Only e-books will be available for purchase on the site.


20. News features/blogs. Will the site offer anything along those lines?



21. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for allowing me this platform to inform others about ChatEbooks. I’m looking forward to a successful launch!


22. How can you be reached?

I can be reached at tw@chatebooks.com



Wesley “Godfather” Hunter

“GODFATHER” Hunter is an incarcerated author from Los Angeles, Ca. He has  written several books covering a variety of genres, to include self-help/how-to/advisory, autobiography, poetry, urban romance, erotica and street lit. Godfather has even taught urban lit during his many years of incarceration. He makes an added effort to lace his writings with history, social-political consciousness and other such pearls of wisdom while penning  in a style which many have compared to the likes of James Patterson, John Grisham and Michael Connelly.




Balance is Vital in the Process

Clean water is a goal for many Americans.

Written by Jannelle Moore


As authors and publishers, we revel in our late nights and early mornings. We pride ourselves on parking our asses in that chair with our eyes crammed in that computer, as we crank out thousands of words and multiple chapters a day. For the publishers out there, you cradle that phone or that tablet and strategize and network. You battle distributors to make sure your label is represented. You gloss over countless submissions, draw up contracts, and set the prices of books.

Pandora, drinks and junk food our chosen fuel, pushing us through to completion, as we charge towards that dead-line. We sacrifice sleep, decent food, and time away from our friends and family to get our creative statement, our latest vision out to the masses.

This way of life is the standard for us  in the literary world and while some of us  like to brag about creating and handling business under “extreme” conditions, I think that it’s imperative in our creative processes (and for the sake of our sanity and health) to take breaks in between. There’s no shame in slowing down to regain focus, when it starts to drift or when you are getting consumed with your project to the point where you are so tired that you can’t even walk outside to your patio without wanting to collapse. Without rest and some time away from the manuscript, you will lose focus. You’ll lose focus because your need for sleep, a break, and food will eventually trump your will to keep going and it will show. Your daily performance will fall off, making those sacrifices in vain.

Recently, I finished writing “Uppity”, which is my second full- length novel, after a three novella series, and my outlet was my p90x workout and a mid- book break of a week.  During my break, I caught up on rest, my friends and family.  My workouts gave me an outlet and for an hour a day, I didn’t think about “Uppity” or the fact that this was my first time writing in the first person. All I was focused on was the workout and the foundation of a lean, toned body. I know if it weren’t for those two things, I’d be a wreck and those habits would have caught up with me and knocked me on my ass.

To break it all down, what I’m trying to say is this: We are authors and publishers and we do work odd hours.  We sacrifice meals and sleep to get our voices out to the world to entertain and inspire. In our process, we shouldn’t forget who we are and our needs outside of the business.  I am far from the most balanced, but, it’s worth it to at least try to create some. It will be worth it for me, as an author and as a woman, to balance. And it will be worth it, for all of us in the industry to remember to take time for self and those around you, to unplug. Your bodies will thank you as well as your novels.


Race in America

Here it is 2014 and, yet, race is still very much a troubling topic, a divisive topic and, dare I say, a current topic to confront. We’ve all seen it in the recent news: there’s the recorded conversations of certain politicians as well as that of a prominent owner of an NBA franchise. And, then there’s the undoing of affirmative action and the blistering decent by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a ruling which will, in turn, lead to even less young black kids being afforded the opportunity to attend college and lay a foundation for a meaningful future. Yes, we’ve all heard the stories, because those stories have been in the news. Just as we’ve all heard the stories like Trayvon Martin’s, and then got all turnt up and acted like we cared. But, do we REALLY care? queenbrownWhen confronted with such an issue, which the conventional media has not, yet, broadcast and told you what to do, think or feel; when the masses have not, yet, become outraged; When John Quinones has not, yet, asked WHAT WOULD YOU DO, what are you doing, saying or feeling then? Or do we only move, say or feel anything once the masses have decided it should be so? Silly question? You’d still do the same? It’s just in you to confront racism no matter where u find it? Um. Well, then, maybe you haven’t heard of Author-Queen Brown and what she’s been made to confront?

Author-Queen Brown is the author of, ABDUCTED, the dark tale of a teenage girl kidnapped, caged, beaten, starved, brain-washed and trained to be a viscious villian. The cast of characters in ABDUCTED happen to be white and there are some saying that, as a black woman, Queen Brown should stick to writing about her own people. They say this, as if a black woman should not be afforded the liberties of Free Speech and Freedom of self expression as protected under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They say this, as if it is okay, in 2014, to try and “contain” a black woman to “her place”. Are you out-raged yet?

Queen Brown is a beautiful 30-something year old woman, from Southern California, who’s  lived amongst and dealt with various other race groups daily. She did not write this book to be controversial and, in fact, never even took into account that others might in any way be offended. Queen Brown was merely telling a tale to be entertaining and enlightening. But, should she have been more mindful of the plot and how it might offend? Should she have used an all black cast of characters? When speaking of whites, should she only speak of them in good graces and not speak ill of their actions? Does it matter that, most times, when abductions occur they actually do involve white offenders who kidnap people and keep them captive? Does it matter that to draw on this reality, Queen Brown, in turn, utilized this fact? Does it matter to anyone, that here it is 2014 and that, even with a black man as sitting President, we, as a people, are still being reminded to stay in our place?

Still not out-raged? Yeah, well, I sure as Hell am. As soon as I heard it, I bought part 1 and I went and left a positive review, to help counteract any potential negatives. After all, we must REWARD the behaviors we intend to encourage, (as Dr.Phil would say), and I intend to encourage this young woman to stand firm, with her shoulders squared, as she takes on the weight of such adversity. I bought the book and I left a review. And, so, I ask, JUST WHAT ARE YOU GON’ DO?

Please, take a moment to meet Queen Brown and find out more about this talented, multi-dimentional, power house, West Coast author.


Godfather: How long have you been writing?

Queen:  For a long time. I started with poetry and song lyrics when I was a teen, but I didn’t publish my first fiction book until May of 2012.

Godfather: What inspired you to write?

Queen:  Life and a close friend of mines who encouraged me to write, because I had so many stories to tell him whenever he came over to visit.

Godfather: How many books have you written and what are the titles?

Queen:  I have written a total of eight books and one collab with Aleta Williams. The titles are, The Darker The Berry The Deeper The Roots parts 1
& 2, Adia (love lies and murder), Number One Fan parts 1- 3, Abducted parts 1& 2, and the collaboration, Hell no… This can’t be love.

Godfather: Who are you signed with?

Queen: I am signed with Alana’s Book Line.

Godfather: What was the inspiration behind the plot in Abducted?

Queen: Well, I always like to come with fresh ideas in an attempt to surprise the readers. The inspiration behind the plot was after I lectured my daughter on how people are abducting children everyday and how she needs to stay close to me. I thought about that and added a twist and Abducted was created.

Godfather: You grew up around various races, right? And, you don’t consider yourself to be a racist, do you? Talk about that.

Queen:   Yes, I grew up around multiple cultures. I am accepting of any and every culture. There isn’t a hateful bone in my body. I’ve always been that way.

Godfather: Did you ever think that the content of your story might be deemed controversial?

Queen: Controversial? No, not at all. I just wrote an interesting thriller with a twist. I write in all genres in the hopes of entertaining the avid
reader.  Plain and simple.

Godfather: When you came to me, you didn’t want to confront the issue or make any waves, what are your feelings now?

Queen: I came to you to express my confusion about the issue that I no longer felt was relevant in this day and time. I still feel the same way, I am NOT
trying make any waves. I just needed some words of encouragement from you, because you seem to be a very intelligent guy.

Godfather: Do you regret having written the story?

Queen: Not at all, it’s a good story.

Godfather: When did part two of Abducted drop and will there be a part three?

Queen:  Abducted part 2 was released, April 19th of this year, 2014. There will not be a part 3.

Godfather: You have any advice for new authors looking to get in the game?

Queen: My advice is to have thick skin, faith in your work, an open mind, and do plenty of research. Ask plenty of questions. There are a lot of helpful
authors out there who don’t mind answering a few of them for you. Always try your best to produce a good book, write from your heart, protect your brand at all times and remain humble.

Godfather: Anything new coming out, besides Abducted? What’s next for Queen-Brown?

Queen:   My next release for 2014 will be Adia part 2, an urban thriller. And a possible stand alone that I don’t want to give the title for yet.

Godfather: Where all can your books be found?

Queen: My books can be found on Amazon.com

Godfather:  Any last thoughts or comments?

Queen: I just want to say thank you, Wesley Hunter for this interview and being such a cool guy. Thank you to my supporters, new and old for all of
the love that you’ve shown me. I will continue to write books for as long as the Most High grants me the talent to do so.

Godfather: How can you be reached?

Queen:  I can be reached at http://authorqueenbrown.wix.com/queenbrown



When Characters Speak

Writing Tip: Every time a different character takes the stage by speaking, moving, etc. begin a NEW paragraph.

[EX:] “I just want you to know, you make me sick, bitch.” Tanya, stared at Nichole, with a challenge in her eye.shouting

[NP] Nichole smirked and waved her little sister off, “oh, I see you on some bullshit.” It was her son’s first birthday party. The women had ducked into the back yard. The always turnt-up Tanya claiming she needed to talk.

[NP] “Bullshit?” Tanya’s jaw was tight. She edged closer. Her voice a whisper. “Bitch, you call fuckin’ my man some bullshit?”

[NP] “Huh?” she was caught off guard. “What? Girl, you better…”

[NP] Pow!

[NP] The sudden back-hand caught Nichole off guard. “What the…?”

[NP] “Stay away from my man, bitch.” Tanya pointed. “I ain’t gon’ tell yo bitch-ass again.” She hoped no one had seen what she’d done, but, then again, she really couldn’t give a fuck. “Ole ratchet-ass bitch. I cain’t stand yo ass.”

[NP] As Tanya turned, Nichole watched, rubbed her cheek and smiled.


GODFATHER” Hunter is an incarcerated author from Los Angeles, Ca. He has  written several books covering a variety of genres, to include self-help/how-to/advisory, autobiography, poetry, urban romance, erotica and street lit. Godfather has even taught urban lit during his many years of incarceration. He makes an added effort to lace his writings with history, social-political consciousness and other such pearls of wisdom while penning  in a style which many have compared to the likes of James Patterson, John Grisham and Michhael Connelly.