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Writing Tip: Sex and Violence

Written by: Wesley “Godfather”  Hunter


Though I’ve personally done so, on all accounts, it’s been said that it’s not in good form to show graphic sexual scenes that involve molestation, rape or incest. However, when it comes to sex and violence, for the most part, there are no structural rules.ratchet

Sex and violence are the big payoff. The reader has followed along and patiently waited as you developed the plot and let it unravel, so give them what they’ve earned. Don’t try and cut it short or sum it up in a paragraph or two. Sex and violence are your action scenes and, unless you just go completely beyond the outer realms of all reasonableness, and, as long as the scenes are smooth and well told, the reader will not mind or even notice if you drag these page turning scenes out for a while. In fact, they will be grateful for the on-going element, as long as it’s not all clunky and poorly written. Action scenes are where an author shows their depth and strength as a writer, and if it’s well written, the reader won’t even notice the lengthiness or the rule violations.

For instance, though it normally irritates and takes away from a scene  during the other parts of a story, I personally love to play with the P.O.V. during scenes of sex and violence. Switching with just about each paragraph, to help the reader to get a good feel. From the varied perspectives:


”Ooh,” Tanya uttered softly, feeling him pierce her core. ”Go slow,” she whispered. ”It’s been a while.” The hard floor adding to her discomfort. Not to mention the old beer bottles and trash strewn about. In the distance, there was the blaring sound of an ambulance racing by. It was barely night. She wondered if someone might be dying.

Stern was the kind of guy who liked to know that he was felt. Pushing forward, he entered her harsher. Deeper. ”urrrgh! You can handle it.” with his hands beneath, he gripped her shoulders. Pulling her into his charge.

”Wait!” Tanya squirmed  trying to pull away. ”Oh, shit!” she locked her legs around him, then thought better of it, and opened again, while using her thumbs to push at his hips. ”Oow! Stop!”

Stern bit her neck, pulled at her shoulders, and pressed in even harder. ”Uhn! Yeah. Yeaaaah!”

”Oh, my God! Ohh!” she gasped for breath. ”Oh, shit!” she shivered. ”Sss-uh!”

”Shut up.” he whispered. ”Take this big-ass dick, you little bitch.” a crisp wind blew through the broken window. Timbs still on, he had his baggy cargos down around his knees. Her jean skirt was bunched at her wairt. Her jacket beneath her to cover the filthy floor.

Tanya dug her nails in and held on tight, hoping he’d feel her pain. ”oh! Fuck!” she breathed with a growing passion. ”You bastard.” a car raced by. She heard water splash in the wake of the speeding tires. No doubt, having pooled from the growing rains.

Stern bit her neck hard and fucked her harder, burying himself in to the hilt, desperate to bask in the full glories of her womanly wonder.

”My man gon’ kill you.” she said.

”Fuck him.” he told her.