ULR Feature: Learning made simple and fun with the launch of the ‘Words and Games Activity Book’ Series



Learning made simple and fun with the launch of the ‘Words and Games Activity Book’ Series
The perfect addition to an active toddler’s growing library
19th AUGUST 2015: Decades of research indicates that most part of a child’s brain development happens between the ages of 0 and 3. This is the time when brain acts like a sponge that absorbs everything that comes in its way. It is therefore, important to present an environment of intellectual stimulation to ensure desired growth.
Like adults children too, learn best from visual stimulants such as color, shape and so on. To help parents and teachers participate in this development and be a partner in the same, a series of Words and Games Activity books has been launched.
‘Words and Games Activity Book’ Series: Learn -N- Grow Activity Workbook, Second Edition authored by Vivienne K Munn will serve as useful tool in this learning and development process.
While this book can be used to engage toddlers in a fun and interesting learning exercise introducing them to alphabets, shapes and so on, the book will provide the perfect stepping platform for children who are entering into grade 1 and 2.
This all in one learning workbook will offer a learning environment that is triggered by curiosity, the desire to learn new things and will result in enthusiasm that is addictive. With numerous word building, word puzzles, letters/alphabets, counting/numbers/colors, traffic light signal games and much more. This workbook will keep the desire to learn burning and help young minds blossom.

About the author:
Vivienne K Munn, the author of the Learn -N- Grow Activity series of books offers the perfect recipe for learning, fun and retention. The book which is currently available in the Kindle version, sold on Amazon Digital will be released in the print format in October this year.
To know more and get a copy, please click on the link, http://www.lil-learnersclub.com

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